Clarke Alto SQ17 Pumper                                                                                                       $600

17 Gallon wet Vac and flood pumper

Castex Flood Pumper                                                                                                                 $250

60 gal per minute flood pumper


2 Available

Mastercraft Wet/Dry Vac                                                                                                             $300

The 20 gauge cold rolled steel tanks feature reinforced ribs to strengthen tanks. Double roll over bottom seal prevents leaking. Cold rolled steel tanks are finished with powder coated exterior and epoxy interior.

12 Gallon Capacity


2 available

Aztec Liquidator                                                                                USED                                                  $700


With exceptional ease of use, the operator-friendly Aztec Liquidator minimizes lay down time and ensures even, thorough solution coverage. When filled with water and the chemical appropriate for your job, this unit can apply up to 45,000 square feet of solution per hour. The 36 gallon solution tank is the largest applicator we have available in our floor application equipment section. You can dispense stripping solutions with this machine, but the Liquidator needs to be thoroughly rinsed out after each use.

The super concentrated floor wax stripper we recommend works perfect with this machine, because the stripping solution is mixed with water. It comes packaged as 6 quarts, which makes approximately 30 gallons of stripper.

The left valve control lever on the handle will dispense a 26" path of solution in front of the machine. The right valve control lever will dispense an additional 26" path from the manifold on the right. The right arm is spring loaded, so it will spring back to accommodate narrow areas. If the Liquidator is not laying down an even solution across the floor, the tank may need to be filled, or the spreader bar may have a tear in it and needs to be replaced.

For complete step-by-step stripping instructions, please take a look at our floor stripping procedures guide. We also have another Aztec machine, which will apply your floor wax, after you're done using the Liquidator, it is called the automatic floor finish applicator

Advance Wet vac w/squeegee                                                                    USED                                                  $650

The Nilfisk-Advance GWD360 is an electric wet/dry vacuum. It offers a low noise level, powerful suction, and superior filtration to aid in cleaner air quality. The Nilfisk-Advance GWD360 had an ergonomic design with a sturdy grip that makes it easy to transport and store. This unit is ideal for automotive use and/or construction contractors.

Vacuum motor: 120V
Length: 17 in (43.1 cm)
Width: 15 in (38.1 cm)
Height: 23 in (58.4 cm)