What is the difference between buying used janitorial equipment versus new janitorial equipment?


There is actually a big difference between the two. When you hear the word "reconditioned," you may think of something used. A used machine is exactly how it sounds. A machine that was used by someone else without the knowledge of it working properly or not. However, there is so much more that goes into reconditioning a machine at ChemSource Direct. Our goal when reconditioning a unit is to bring it as close to brand new as possible. The end results? You get a reliable cleaning unit at a fraction of the cost of a new unit.

What is our reconditioning process?

Here is a summary of our full reconditioning process by our technicians:

  • Machines are stripped down to their major components

  • Everything is cleaned and pressure washed

  • Metal parts are sanded and repainted when possible

  • Tanks are heated to remove scuffs and scratches where practical

  • Wear items are replaced: vac motor, hoses, gaskets, filters, blades, casters, bumper wheels and batteries

  • Units are assembled, serviced and tested to perform like new

  • Motors are tested and rebuilt or replaced as needed.

We are a factory certified service center for the brands we offer and have access to the most up-to-date parts, schematics, technical data and service data for the commercial cleaning equipment that we rebuild. Our reconditioned units have been shipped nationwide. For further peace of mind, all of our commercial cleaning equipment for sale comes with a warranty, 6 months on parts and 6 months on labor.