Nobles Speed Scrub 300 Walk Behind Scrubber           NEW                          $5400

  • Application: Indoor

  • Estimated Coverage/Productivity: Up to 15469 sq ft / 1437 sq m

  • Estimated Run Time: Up to 3.8 hours

  • Main Down Pressure: Up to 109 lb / 49 kg

  • Power Source: Battery

  • Sound Level: As low as 66.4 dBA (quiet mode 57.6)

  • Squeegee Width: 30 in / 722 mm

  • Head Type: Disk, Orbital

  • Charger type: On-board

  • Cleaning Path: 17 in / 430 mm, 20 in / 500 mm, 24 in / 600 mm

  • Machine Type: Walk-Behind

  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 14 gal / 53 L

  • Pad RPMs: Up to 230 rpm

  • Solution Tank Capacity: 11 gal / 42 L

Minuteman EZ Mop 360                       NEW                                 $3600

A true hybrid product between the mop and the scrubber, the Minutemen EZ Mop 360° Microscrubber's extreme maneuverability eliminates unsightly dirty build up in hard to clean places. Ultra maneuverable handling allowing a 360° effortless rotation. This very efficient easy mop design and 16™ scrub path cleans 5,400 square feet per hour. The 36 volt battery produces 1 hour of continuous run time. This electric mopping machine for sale is robust, reliable and guarantees many years of service. Its chassis is made of high-density stainless steal ( AISI 304L or A2: stainless steel food type) for a real professional use, designed for Cleaning Professionals.

Taski Swingo 855B Floor Scrubber                                                         $3975

Theoretical performance24,218 ft.2/h (2,250 m2/h)

Working width20 in

Squeegee width 27 in 

Solution tank (nominal)11 gal

Recovery tank (nominal)11 gal

Nominal consumption900 W

Rated voltage24 V

Battery capacity50-70 Ah/C5

Battery run time (nominal) Up to 2 hrs

Machine weight ready for use (power)
353 lbs

Dimensions (L x W x H)48 x 21 x 47 in. (122 x 53 x 120 cm)

Turning circle3 ft. (1 m)

Perfect Products A202 Battery Powered               NEW                               $1995

Includes one gel 12-volt battery.

Includes one 14-inch scrub brush.

Flexible handle adjustment - the handle can be adjusted at different heights.

Floating ball in the recovery tank. By this special design, the machine can close the recycle passage automatically as soon as the soiled water is full.

3 button panel - ON/OFF - Brush - Pump.



  • MACHINE DIMENSIONS 17” x 16” x 35”










CS300T Traction Drive 20" Walk Behind Scrubber      NEW                         $5225

CS300T walk behind traction drive floor scrubber is durable and easy to operate right out of the box.

Ships fully assembled with everything you need to get to work…just add water!


20 Inch Floor Scrubber

Traction Drive

New Batteries

24 Volt

Charger Included

Clean Water Tank 13 Gallon

Dirty Water Tank 15 Gallon

Machine Weight With Batteries 540LBS

Pad Holder and Brush Included

Brush Pressure 0-212LBS

Includes a 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Powrflite CAS16 Corded Electric Auto Scrubber             NEW                      $1945

The CAS16 micro scrubber is designed to clean any hard floor type including non-slip, safety or textured floors, with exceptional cleaning power. 

• With greater productivity and better performance than traditional mopping, the CAS16 is ideal for small to medium areas such as food service areas and kitchens, entrances lobbies, schools, shops, and offices. 

• The CAS16 is extremely easy to use and little training is required to operate it at full capacity.

Tornado BR16/3 Floor Scrubber                       NEW                                   $3295 

  • Item Electric Mini Scrubber

  • Deck Style Cylindrical

  • Cleaning Path 16 in

  • Power Source120V AC, 60 Hz

  • Vacuum Motor 1.5 hp

  • Solution Tank Capacity 3 gal

  • Recovery Tank Capacity 3 gal

  • Brush Motor 1.5 hp

  • Brush Speed 660 RPM

  • Sound Level 71 dB

  • Cord Length 50 ft

  • Includes Brushes

Advance SC450 20" Scrubber              Demo with 6 month warranty            $3950

Day-to-Day Cleaning in a Compact Scrubber The dependable, easy-to-use SC450™ is a compact battery powered walk-behind scrubber that delivers cost-effective day-to-day cleaning for both small and large jobs in hospitals, schools, manufacturing plants, warehouses and more.

Benefits of SC450 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers With high productivity, reliable operation and low maintenance at a budget-friendly value, the contractor-grade SC450 will improve your cleaning processes in a range of applications. Featuring an easy-to-use design and 20” scrub path to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your cleaning team.

Simplify operation and minimize user training thanks to the intuitive, easy-to-use controls, including on/off safety switch on the handle Increase your cleaning productivity and meet green-cleaning standards with Solution Control™, plus 10.5 gal. solution tank and 11.9 gal. recovery tank Work during the day or in noise sensitive areas with a low operating sound level of only 68 dB A (meets LEED-EB and GS-42 noise standards) Improve maintenance with open access to critical components, easy-to-access recovery tank and squeegee blade that can be removed or rotated without tools Minimize operator labor with pad assist, which pulls the machine across the floor during operation

Minuteman E20 Pad Assist 20" Scrubber                     NEW                        $4650

  • 20" head and 12 gallon tank give the scrubber a maximum cleaning performance of 27,280 ft²/hr.

  • Hands free brush removal ensures the operator never has to get down on his/her knees to manually remove the brush.

  • On-board charge allows the user to charge the machine wherever and whenever it is needed.

  • Adjustable handle and ergonomic hand bails offer superior handling of the machine for operators of any size.

Brand Minuteman

Manufacturer Sku E20BD 

Power Source Battery 

Scrub Style Rotary 

Cleaning Width 20" 

Squeegee Width 33 inches 

Solution Capacity 12 gallons 

Recovery Tank Capacity 13 gallons 

Brush Motor 3/4 HP 

Brush/Pad Speed 180 RPM 

Brush Diameter 20" 

Water Lift 45" 

Vacuum Motor 3/5 HP 

Cleaning Rate Per Hour 27,280 sq. ft. 

Drive System Brush Assisted 

Dimensions 48" L x 22" W x 43" H 

Includes Pad driver, batteries, & on-board charger 

Operating Weight 313 lbs.

Power Boss Hako 650B Walk Behind Scrubber         DEMO/NEW             $8000

The Powerboss Hakomatic B650/07 is a disc model equipped with Aqua Stop.  Two powerful brush motor guarantee an even cleaning result across the entire width of the machine.  The disc scrub head has a direct brush release system allowing the brushes to be changed quickly.  On board charger.


Brush Working Width (in) 26

Vacuum Working Width (in) 37.4

Fresh / Waste Water Tank (gal) 19 /19.5

Brush Speed (rpm) 180

Max Area Performance (sq ft/hr) 34,445

Sound Pressure (dBa) 68

Shipping Weight w/Batteries (lbs) 570 

Advance SC350 Battery Powered Auto Scrubber                                $1950

Designed to replace traditional mop and bucket cleaning procedures, the SC350’s compact, maneuverable design allows users to tackle diverse cleaning jobs, ranging from convenience store entryways to quick serve restaurant kitchens. The innovative rotating deck features an integrated squeegee, providing simultaneous clean and dry capabilities in all directions.

Operators can push the machine forward like a “normal” scrubber, or they can easily flip the machine up, triggering the deck to rotate for backward scrubbing performance—providing an ideal scrubbing option for tight, restricted spaces or behind counters.

Max Speed - 2.5 mph (4 kph)

Voltage - 12 V

IP Protection Class - Walk-Behind

Insolation Class - III

Rated Power - 450 W 

Brush Motor - 260 W

Vacuum Motor - 200 W

Vacuum Airflow - 37.7 ft3 / min (17.8 L / Sec)

Vacuum Performance (sealed) - 27.7 in (6.9 kPa)

Sound Pressure Level - 64 dB A

Maximum Run Time - 100 minutes

Productivity Rate Theoretical (low/high) - 3,500 ft2 / 7,000 ft2 (325 m2 / 650 m2)

Scrubbing Width - 14.5 in (37 cm)

Brush Pressure - 60 lb (27 kg)

Brush Head Speed - 120 RPM

Brush Size - (1) 14.5 in (37 cm)

Dimensions (L x W x H) - 28 in x 17 in x 18.5 in (71.1 cm x 43.2 cm x 47 cm)

Battery Compartment Size (L x W x H) - 13.5 in x 6.5 in x 9.4 in (34.3 cm x 16.5 cm x 23.9 cm)

Weight w/o Batteries - 93 lb (42.2 kg)

Operating Weight - 146 lb (66.2 kg)

Nobles Speed Scrub 15                        NEW                                     $3450         

  • Application: Indoor

  • Estimated Coverage/Productivity: Up to 8690 sq ft / 810 sq m

  • Estimated Run Time: Continuous

  • Main Down Pressure: Up to 33 lb / 15 kg

  • Power Source: Corded

  • Sound Level: As low as 72 dBA

  • Solution Tank Capacity: 3 gal / 11.4 L

  • Service Plans: Pay as You Go, Block of Time

  • Charger type: Corded

  • Cleaning Path: 15 in / 380 mm

  • Machine Type: Walk-Behind

  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 4.5 gal / 17.0 L

  • Pad RPMs: Up to 2400 rpm

  • Power Cord Length: 50 ft / 15 m

  • Squeegee Width: 17.5 in / 440 mm

  • Head Type: Cylindrical

Karcher BD50/50 Classic Walk Behind Scrubber     DEMO/Only 15 Hrs             $3495

The battery-powered walk-behind 20" floor scrubber drier is a perfect fit for contract cleaners, retail, school and healthcare cleaning needs. The easy to operate scrubber provides practical cleaning performance of 13,200 ft2/hour. The Karcher BD 50/50 C Bp Classic features (2) 12V, 105 Ah or (2) 12V, 100 Ah AGM batteries with shelf charger, 20" disc brush, curved squeegee, Home Base rail system and battery level and hour display. 3 modes of cleaning: Normal mode - Scrubbing and vacuuming. Intense mode - Scrubbing only. Vacuum mode - Vacuum only. Home Base rail allows user to attach manual cleaning tools for quick touch ups and less visits to the supply closet. Productive. Efficient and simple to operate.


  • 1.5 Hour Run Time

  • On Board Charger

  • Solution Tank – 3.5 gallons

  • Recovery Tank – 4 Gallons

  • 14” Rotary Brush

  • Cleaning Path – 14”

  • Productivity – 11,300 sq ft/hour

  • Brush Speed – 180 RPM

  • 68 Decibels

  • Handle – Adjustable for all operators height  and foldable for storage

  • Weight – 132 lbs

  • Comes with maintenance-free gel batteries and integrated onboard charger

  NOBLES 20" SPEED SCRUB 2001, 10420300    NEW   24 VOLT          $2,150

  • Cleaning Path: 20 inch disc.

  • Battery Operated: (2) 12 volt 105 amp hour batteries in a 24 volt system - approximately 2.5 hours of runtime.

  • Sef Propelled: No, this machine is pad-assist.

  • Capacity: 12 gallon recovery tank, 10 gallon solution tank.

  • Recovery System: .5 hp 2-stage 24 volt vacuum motor, 44 inches of waterlift.

  • Brush System: .75 hp brush motor, 220 RPM - 50 lbs of down pressure.

  • Dimensions and Weight: 315 lbs shipping weight, 47 L x 22 W x 38 H


TORNADO BD 14/4 FLOOR SCRUBBER, 10420400    USED   24 VOLT          $1,700


  • 14" battery auto scrubber

  • 3.5 gallon solution / 4 gallon recovery

  • Designed to scrub hard-to-clean areas where a traditional mop and bucket are used. It is compact, powerful, versatile and perfect for small or confined spaces.

  • Vacuum motor: 0.8 hp

  • Brush motor: 0.3 hp

  • 24V battery

  • 132 lbs. (w/o batteries)

ProScrub Scrubber, 10379600    USED            $2,100


Wet scrub and dry vacuum in one pass. The professional automatic floor scrubbing ProScrub is inexpensive and exceptionally simple to use and maintain. The 24 volt system delivers approximately 3 hours run time when fully charged.




  • 12 Gallon Solution Tank

  • 15 Gallon Recovery Tank

  • 3/4hp Brush Motor/220 RPM

  • 1/2hp 24 volt Vacuum Motor

  • 65lb Scrubbing Pressure

  •  Squeegee width 30”

  • Power Source 2-130 AH 12v Deep Cycle Lead/Acid Batteries*Length 44”

  • Width 23” Height: 35”

  • Squeegee: 30”

  • Weight: 275 lbs.


Advance Convertamatic 28C Cylindrical Floor Scrubber, 10330600 REFURBISHED       $4,895


The Advance Convertamatic 28C is a cylindrical style scrubber which is perfect for picking up light debris in tandem with scrubbing. Eliminate the need to presweep with the Advance Convertamatic 28C Autoscrubber! This machine is equipped with a drive motor for self-propelled operation, 20 gallon capacity tanks, and a 24 volt battery pack. All scrub functions are at your fingertips with a push-touch control panel with graphics that will guide you through operation.

  • Cleaning Path: 28 inch cylindrical.

  • Battery Powered: (4) 6-volt batteries, onboard charger.

  • Capacity: 20 gallon solution & recovery tanks.

  • Self Propelled: Yes, .4 hp drive motor, variable forward and reverse, up to 3 MPH transport speed.

  • Brush System: 900 RPMs of speed, 60, 80, 100 lbs of down pressure.

  • Recovery System: .75 HP 3-stage vacuum motor, 36.6" curved squeegee.

  • Sound Level: 66 dBa.

  • Dimensions and Weight: 613 lbs shipping weight, 55 L x 31 W x 44 H (rough dimensions).

Tennant 5700 Walk-Behind Scrubber, 10343300  USED       $5,895

5700 Battery-Powered, Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Features:
  • Disk scrub head

  • Thick polyethylene construction

  • Shock-absorbing frame

  • Brush speeds up to 750 rpm

  • Fully adjustable down pressure up to 300 pounds

  • Large demisting chamber

  • 30-Gallon solution tank

  • 40-Gallon recovery tank

  • Aluminum scrub head

  • Aluminum squeegee assembly

  • Battery power

  • Break away squeegee

  • Estimated coverage of 21,000 sq/ft per hour

  • (2) 0.6 HP brush motors

  • 0.8 HP vac motor

  • 36-Volt battery system

  • Operates at 75 dBA

  • Dimensions:  64" L x 38" W x 43" H, 817 pounds

  • Smart ergonomic features, including a height-adjustable console that puts controls within easy reach

Minuteman Ez Mop 360,  10415700                                                                                $2250.00

A true hybrid product between the mop and the scrubber, the Minutemen EZ Mop 360° Microscrubber's extreme maneuverability eliminates unsightly dirty build up in hard to clean places. Ultra maneuverable handling allowing a 360° effortless rotation. This very efficient easy mop design and 16™ scrub path cleans 5,400 square feet per hour. The 36 volt battery produces 1 hour of continuous run time. This electric mopping machine for sale is robust, reliable and guarantees many years of service. Its chassis is made of high-density stainless steal ( AISI 304L or A2: stainless steel food type) for a real professional use, designed for Cleaning Professionals.

Tennant T3 17" Floor Scrubber, 10382700 REFURBISHED  $3,450



  • At only 68.5 decibels, the T3 is 75% quieter than leading competitive models, comparable to normal conversation levels.

  • Even around 180-degree turns, the T3's equal-pressure, parabolic squeegee recovers all cleaning solution from the floor.


  • Chassis/Body Construction: Roto-molded polyethylene

  • Productivity (per hour): Theoretical Max: 20,230 ft2; Estimated coverage (conventional) 8,440 ft2; Estimated coverage (ec-H20) 11,250 ft2

  • Brush RPM: 230 RPM

  • Brush/Pad Pressure: 50 lbs and 90 lbs.

  • Solution Tank Description: Full access and cleanable

  • Recovery Tank Description: Full access and cleanable

  • Vacuum Motor CFM: 65 cfm

  • Vacuum Motor Sealed Water Lift: 40"

  • Squeegee Description: 30" curved squeegee assembly with quick change four sided blade

  • Caster Description: 3.15" dia polyurethane

  • Wheel: 8" x 2" non-marking polyurethane

  • System Voltage: 24 V

  • Battery Amp Hour Rating: 105 AH @ 20 hr rate

  • Battery Count: 2

  • Run Time Per Charge: 2.5 hours (continuous)

  • Dimensions: 48" L x 19.25" W without squeegee 30" W with squeegee x 43" H

  • Weight: 319 lbs. (w/batteries)

  • Minimum Aisle Turn: 48.75x in