Clark Focus S 28"                                      0451                                                                             $3600

  • Two BOOST models that can strip floors - chemical-free!

  • Larger tank capacity

  • 24 Volt battery choices, wet or AGM

  • On-board battery charger

  • Optional on-board Chemical Mixing System

  • One-touch scrubbing controls

  • Quietest scrubber in the industry

  • Easy to maneuver

  • Easy to adjust squeegee with front/back urethane blades

  • Clarke Green Certified Equipment

Power Boss Hako                                                        PB26                     NEW                            $8,000

  • Flow-optimized dirty water tank with AFS (Anti Foam System) to protect the vacuum turbine. Large tank lid provides easy access for cleaning purposes.

  • Ergonomic, adjustable speed regulation.

  • Ergonomic hand bails offer great control of the machine.

  • Designed to give the operator more room for their feet while operating the machine.

  • Designed to give the operator an excellent line of sight to the area that needs to be cleaned.

  • Low brush deck is ideal for cleaning underneath obstacles such as skids, warehouse racks and other stationary objects.

  • Large tank opening in clean water tank saves time when filing using automatic filling systems. Run time and tank filling are in tune with each other.

  • Service-friendly access to batteries and drive.

  • "Silencer" option means significant noise reduction.

  • On-board charger is convenient and allows you to charge the machine anywhere.

  • Squeegee provides optimum pick-up of dirty water, making the floor traffic-ready almost immediately.

  • Large tank lid provides access for easy clean out.

  • Large tank opening allows for fast fill and automatic filling systems.

  • Easy access to the batteries and drive system for service and maintenance.

Tennant T5                                              TENNANT-1118T5                                                                           $4700

Set new standards of cleaning with the versatile T5 scrubber-dryer, enhanced by Tennant innovative scrubbing technologies:

  • Meet your building’s needs with disc or cylindrical scrubbing, ranging from 24 in/60cm to 32 in/80 cm cleaning paths

  • Increase productivity with optional sealed batteries that provide up to 4.5 hours of run time and eliminate hazardous leaking in your environment

  • Clean up to three times longer with a single tank of water with innovative ec-H2O NanoClean or FaST technologies that use 70% less water

Key machine features of the T5 Battery-Powered Walk Behind Scrubber-Dryer:

  • Hygenic® tank can reduce mould, bacteria and odours with easy access for cleaning

  • QA Controls® provide quality assurance regardless of operator experience

  • Superior squeegee design provides maximum solution recovery, even on 180 degree turns

Nobles Speed Scrub SS5                                                      SS5-221                                         $4000

  • You control how deep you clean with variable down pressure and solution flows

  • Keep solution in squeegee recovery path with free-floating, self-adjusting head skirt (disk models)

  • Operator stays comfortable with height adjustable console

  • Reduce training time with Quick-Train™ controls

  • Quickly clean big spaces with less empty/fill cycles with the huge solution and recovery tanks

  • Perfect for noise sensitive environments; disk 67 dBA, cylindrical 68 dBa

  • Match your cleaning needs with disk and cylindrical (scrub/sweep) scrub heads

  • “No hassle” squeegee system set at the best angle for solution recovery

Nobles Speed Scrub 300                                       SS300                     NEW                                    $4950  (4 in stock)

  • The Nobles Speed Scrub 300 provides the right solution for your specific application with a versatility that is unmatched in the industry. This Nobles Speed Scrub 300 is a commercial cleaning dream. This commercial floor scrubber machine is quiet enough to use during the day & uses a minimal amount of water.

    Choose between Disk, Cylindrical, or Orbital.


  • Features

  • Cost Effective & Reliable

  • Improved and durable components extend machine life and reduce cost of ownership

  • Effective scrubbing capabilities for cleaner floors in fewer passes

  • Versatile Cleaning Performance

  • Outstanding water pick-up for reduced slip and fall accidents

  • Minimize water consumption with optional ec-H2O NanoClean™ technology

  • Quiet 67 dBA noise level for daytime cleaning with minimal disruption

  • Easy Operation & Maintenance

  • Easy to use with ergonomic design delivers foot activated squeegee to minimize bending and wider handle for improved machine operation

  • Optional Insta-Click™ head for easy, low-touch pad attachment and removal

Nobles Speed Scrub 15 Walk Behind Micro Scrubber          Battery Powered: $3,950    Corded Electric: $3,300   NEW

The Nobles Speed Scrub® 15 Walk-Behind Micro Scrubber cleans in compact areas quietly and easily. Insta-Adjust™ handle and ergonomic grips help create a more comfortable cleaning experience.  Battery Powered or Corded Electric!

Cleaning Path - 15"

Solution Tank Capacity - 3 Gallons 

Down Pressure Up to  33 lbs

Minuteman 20 cylindrical                                             10206700            NEW                                                  $6000

  • On-board charger is convenient and allows the machine to be charged anywhere

  • Brush loading/unloading is as easy as the turn of a switch, the operator never has to manually remove the brushes

  • 12 gallon solution tanks and 13 gallon recovery tanks

  • Squeegees are designed so that no operator adjustment is necessary

  • Parabolic squeegee standard on traction drive models and option on brush drive models

  • Easy-to-clean, hygienic recovery tank

  • When the on-board charger is plugged in, the machine is not operable

  • Adjustable handle and ergonomic hand bails offer superior handling of the machine

  • Traction drive models offer ergonomic, adjustable speed regulation with the turn of a dial

Minuteman ROS17                                                     10207700            NEW                                                      $1600

  • When keeping your establishment clean and welcoming, you should start from the ground up. There's no better way of doing that than with this 17" multi-purpose random orbital floor machine! Whether you're cleaning a healthcare facility, airport, or retail establishment, this unit has the power to get the job done with its 1 1/2 hp motor with 1725 RPM micro orbits and 80 RPM rotation.

    This random orbital technology allows you to both clean and restore any floor surface. It combines two different methods of cleaning in both rotary style scrubbing and orbital oscillation technology simultaneously. This combined force of cleaning methods makes for a much more efficient and productive overall cleaning experience.

    The free floating base ensures constant and consistent contact with the floor for completely even cleaning without having to retrace missed spots because of an uneven floor. The large non-marking rear wheels make for easy navigation without the need for over-exertion from the operator. The spray tank is capable of holding up to 3.9 gallons of cleaning solution, which will cut down on frequent stops to refill the tank

Minuteman E50 20" Walk Behind Scrubber                #MME50                 NEW                                                  $3600

The E series scrubbers are the smallest in the walk behind scrubber category. This compact auto scrubber is not only durable, its ease of use while maximizing productivity makes this a truly remarkable scrubber.  This scrubber can be easily transported and stored using the handle fold down feature. Includes charger, no batteries.


      • The E50 is a compact disc brush scrubber with a 17” cleaning path.

      • Ergonomic thumb trigger controls

      • Adjustable handle for different height operators and foldable for easy transport

      • No tool needed squeegee offers blade replacement, 4 sided blades, 180 degree swing to ensure 100% water recovery

      • Large transport wheels makes machine very easy to maneuver

      • Hygienic recovery tank with over sized opening

      • 45 liter roto molded recover tank and 40 liter solution tank 12 year warranty

Minuteman EZ Mop 360                                         MM112014        NEW                   $3,600

A true hybrid product between the mop and the scrubber, the Minutemen EZ Mop 360° Microscrubber's extreme maneuverability eliminates unsightly dirty build up in hard to clean places. Ultra maneuverable handling allowing a 360° effortless rotation. This very efficient easy mop design and 16™ scrub path cleans 5,400 square feet per hour. The 36 volt battery produces 1 hour of continuous run time. This electric mopping machine for sale is robust, reliable and guarantees many years of service. Its chassis is made of high-density stainless steal ( AISI 304L or A2: stainless steel food type) for a real professional use, designed for Cleaning Professionals.

IPC CT12 Electric Cylindrical Scrubber                                 CT12                                                     $1,100

IPC GANSOW 35CM Cleaning path scrubber drier machine

The CT12 is perfect for cleaning medium sized areas of any type of hard floor especially where there are lots of hard to reach areas. 

The CT12 is perfect for places such as restaurants, bars and schools for cleaning the open hard floor surface areas and for getting under tables and chairs.

This machine works by spraying the floor with a cleaning solution then scrubbing it with a large rotating cylindrical brush and then 2 suction squeegees remove all dirt water and residue leaving a perfectly clean and dry surface.
•    CT12 will clean floors effectively moving forwards or backwards            due to its double suction squeegees. 
•    CT12 has a folding handle for easy storage
•    Removable recovery tank for easy emptying
•    Adjustable brush pressure for different floor surfaces
•    Easily changeable brush and squeegees, no tools required

Powr Flite 16" Electric Cylindrical Scrubber                            CAS-162                      NEW                         $1,800

The CAS16 micro scrubber is designed to clean any hard floor type including non-slip, safety or textured floors, with exceptional cleaning power. With greater productivity and better performance than traditional mopping, the CAS16 is ideal for small to medium areas such as food service areas and kitchens, entrances lobbies, schools, shops and offices. The CAS16 is extremely easy to use and little training is required to operate it at full capacity. 1 Year Limited Warranty.

• 750 RPM high pressure cylindrical brush for maximum cleaning performance on uneven or tiled flooring
• Powerful brush and vacuum action restores ceramic tile floor right down to the grout
• Dual floating squeegees clean and dry in forward and backward for more efficient cleaning and increased productivity
• Cleans right to the edge with optional add-on side brush
• Quiet 70 dB operator noise level for day cleaning applications - meets LEEDS requirements

Minuteman E28 Cylindrical Scrubber                          E28221                                                      $8000

  • The E28 is a cylindrical brush scrubber with a 28” cleaning path

  • Traction driven

  • Advanced technology makes the E28 a part of the innovative walk-behind scrubber line, the E Series

  • The E28 covers 28,000 sq. ft. per hour (2,601m²)

  • Offset brush deck allows for cleaning close to walls

  • Cylindrical deck with integrated sweeping function does two jobs at once

Tennant T5400 26" Cylindrical Scrubber                                 Ten-281                               $4,200                                   

  • Automatic Shut-Off System-Water and foam are kept from damaging the vacuum fan by an automatic air flow shut-off system.

  • Easy-Fill Solution Port-Front-fill, corrosion-proof, solution tank with level indicator provides for ease of filling.

  • Tennant 5400 floor scrubber features Dual Disc Brush System-Disc brush scrubbing heads remove stubborn, embedded grime. Best for smooth floors with-out debris. High-speed brush drive motors provide powerful cleaning performance.

  • Rugged Construction-Thick polyethylene body and tanks are rust resistant.

  • Break-away Squeegee-Parabolic break-away squeegee accurately tracks the scrubber on tight turns and provides excellent solution retrieval. Linatex blades provide optimum performance and require no tools to change.

  • Cylindrical Scrub Heads-Cylindrical scrubbing heads are for sweeping floors with light or occasional debris and for tile surfaces. Cylindrical heads deep-clean grout lines and eliminates streaking.

Advance 14e Electric Scrubber                                     14E221                                          $980

The Micromatic™ 14E applies cleaning solution, scrubs, and removes the dirty solution, in one pass. The Micromatic 14E leaves hard floors clean, dry, ready for immediate traffic. With the 14E, an operator can effectively scrub 5,500 square feet per hour, almost 2.5 times more of an area that can be surface-wiped with a typical with mop and bucket in the same amount of time.

The most maneuverable automatic scrubber of its kind, the Micromatic 14E easily navigates narrow aisles and congested areas. It turns in its own length, and won’t leave solution on the floor. The Micromatic 14E is cord-electric, and simple controls and comfortable design make it easy to operate.

The cylindrical scrub brush cleans a 14-inch (34 cm) wide path, and works on virtually any floor surface, including grouted tile, raised tile, resilient tile, concrete, marble and ceramic. The unique shroud/squeegee head shifts sideways, for cleaning under furniture and around obstacles.. The 14E cleans right up to walls, and the squeegee system removes dirt in both forward and reverse directions.

Rugged construction assures the dependable Micromatic will stay on the job, but service and maintenance are inevitable. That’s why its modular components are easy to access. Plus, with Advance you get the support of an expert service department, and you’ll always receive top-of-the-line replacement parts delivered fast to locations around the world.

The Advance Micromatic is able to maintain peak performance thanks to the use of Nilfisk genuine OEM parts. When you choose an Advance machine like the Micromatic, you get innovative technology that reduces cleaning costs by maximizing productivity. The Micromatic 14E is a thoroughly efficient, economical and affordable cleaning machine.

The fast moving, tough-cleaning Micromatic 14E is helping locations ranging from schools and universities to government buildings and healthcare facilities put the mop and bucket away forever. This walk-behind automatic scrubber is agile enough for use in convenience stores, shopping malls and retail outlets, while it’s still durable for cleaning in manufacturing facilities. For maintenance contractors looking to increase productivity and reduce overhead, the Micromatic is a solution that leaves the competition in its dust.

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