Tennant T5 28" Auto Scrubber                                                                                                   $5200

28" cleaning path

Hygienic tank with easy clean out

New 24 volt battery pack

Debris tray catches potential clogs

Simple control panel

Up to 5 1/2 hours of run time

Onboard charger

Three different downpressure setting of 40, 80, or 120 Lbs

Solution tank 22 1/5 gallon
Recovery tank 17 gallon

Tornado BR 22/14                                                          NEW                                     $8,000

The Tornado BR 22/14T is a 22 inch cylindrical floor scrubber that works great for moderately sized scrubbing jobs in facilities. The cylindrical brushes are made to provide years of reliable service with superior cleaning action while running at 1300 RPM. The cylindrical design works great for highly textured floors like tile, slate and paver bricks. They also will use less water and cleaning solution with the more efficient front-end cylindrical brush. The parabolic squeegee helps to pick up all cleaning solution left behind as you pass along the floor.

The body of the BR 22/14T is made with tough roto-molded polyethylene to allow for years of maximum performance and reliability. Tornado designed this machine to accessible with fast and easy servicing of tanks, batteries, on-board charger, motors and more. All this leads to less downtime for the user. The Tornado BR 22/14 is built to outlast the competition, and to back this up, this machine comes standard with a 10 year warranty on the body and tanks for years of hassle-free use and reliability. We also have many other walk behind floor scrubbers to choose from so you can make sure you will find the right machine for the job.

Karcher 50/50 Walk Behind Scrubber                             NEW                                                        $3500

  • This innovative BD 50/50 C BP (105 AH) Scrubber Drier (1.127-029.0) from Karcher is perfect for contract cleaners, retail, school and healthcare cleaning applications. Easy to operate, it offers three modes of cleaning: normal mode (scrubbing and vacuuming), intense mode (scrubbing only), vacuum mode (vacuum only).

This innovative BD 50/50 C BP (105 AH) Scrubber Drier (1.127-029.0) from Karcher is perfect for contract cleaners, retail, school and healthcare cleaning applications. Easy to operate, it offers three modes of cleaning: normal mode (scrubbing and vacuuming), intense mode (scrubbing only), vacuum mode (vacuum only). It includes two 12V 105 Ah batteries with shelf charger, pad driver, curved squeegee, Home Base rail system and battery level and hour display.

  • Perfect for contract cleaners, retail, school and healthcare cleaning applications

  • Easy to operate

  • Provides practical cleaning performance of 13,200 ft./hr.

  • Includes two 12V 105 Ah batteries with shelf charger, pad driver, curved squeegee, Home Base rail system and battery level and hour display

  • 3 modes of cleaning: normal mode (scrubbing and vacuuming), intense mode (scrubbing only), vacuum mode (vacuum only)

  • Home base rail allows user to attach manual cleaning tools for quick touch ups and less visits to the supply closet

Minuteman ROS17                                                                         NEW                                                      $1600

  • When keeping your establishment clean and welcoming, you should start from the ground up. There's no better way of doing that than with this 17" multi-purpose random orbital floor machine! Whether you're cleaning a healthcare facility, airport, or retail establishment, this unit has the power to get the job done with its 1 1/2 hp motor with 1725 RPM micro orbits and 80 RPM rotation.

    This random orbital technology allows you to both clean and restore any floor surface. It combines two different methods of cleaning in both rotary style scrubbing and orbital oscillation technology simultaneously. This combined force of cleaning methods makes for a much more efficient and productive overall cleaning experience.

    The free floating base ensures constant and consistent contact with the floor for completely even cleaning without having to retrace missed spots because of an uneven floor. The large non-marking rear wheels make for easy navigation without the need for over-exertion from the operator. The spray tank is capable of holding up to 3.9 gallons of cleaning solution, which will cut down on frequent stops to refill the tank

  • 2 Available

Minuteman E45 17" Walk Behind Scrubber                                             NEW                                                  $3900


The E series scrubbers are the smallest in the walk behind scrubber category. This compact auto scrubber is not only durable, its ease of use while maximizing productivity makes this a truly remarkable scrubber.  This scrubber can be easily transported and stored using the handle fold down feature. Includes charger, no batteries.


      • The E45 is a compact disc brush scrubber with a 17” cleaning path.

      • Ergonomic thumb trigger controls

      • Adjustable handle for different height operators and foldable for easy transport

      • No tool needed squeegee offers blade replacement, 4 sided blades, 180 degree swing to ensure 100% water recovery

      • Large transport wheels makes machine very easy to maneuver

      • Hygienic recovery tank with over sized opening

      • 45 liter roto molded recover tank and 40 liter solution tank 12 year warranty

Tennant 5680                                                                                                              $5400

The Tennant 5680 walk behind scrubber is built on the same platform as Tennant’s most popular selling scrubber- the Model 5700. The 5680 was designed with rental companies and cleaning contractors in mind. Cleaning applications with ever changing operators will appreciate the simplicity and ease of use that this compact floor cleaning machine offers. Simplicity also means durability. This floor cleaning machine can handle the wear and tear from being moved from job site to job site with heavy-duty, daily use. Its powerful gear driven drive system allows it to easily climb ramps for maximum portability. 

Nobles Speed Scrub 500                                                  NEW                                       $11,500

​Clean virtually any hard surface condition to maximize return on investment with a wide range of cleaning options and configurations. The reliable Speed Scrub® 500 Walk-Behind Scrubber provides the right solution for your application with its versatile design, easy to use controls and durable components. 

  • Application: Indoor

  • Estimated Coverage/Productivity: Up to 27323 sq ft / 2538 sq m

  • Estimated Run Time: Up to 4.5 hours

  • Main Down Pressure: Up to 170 lb / 77 kg

  • Power Source: Battery

  • Sound Level: As low as 66.5 dBA (quiet mode 61.7)

  • Squeegee Width: 38.3 in / 973 mm, 41.3 in / 1051 mm, 46.6 in / 1184 mm

  • Head Type: Disk, Cylindrical, Orbital

  • Charger type: On-board

  • Cleaning Path: 26 in / 650 mm, 28 in / 700 mm, 32 in / 800 mm

  • Machine Type: Walk-Behind

  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 27 gal / 102 L

  • Pad RPMs: Up to 220 rpm (disk) / 1500 rpm (cylindrical) / 2200 rmp (orbital)

  • Solution Tank Capacity: 22.5 gal / 85 L

Windsor Radiant Orbital Scrubber                                         NEW                                           $2950

Think outside of the box. Round is the new square. Why? Simply because it performs better, costs less and is easier to use all day. The versatile Radiant features ORB technology and provides true dual-motion orbital mechanics without the operator experiencing harsh vibrations from the machine. Our pad lies flat on the floor resulting in better productivity, more even pad wear, and improved results. • Provides even pad wear resulting in better, faster performance • Integrated solution system allows for improved control and less waste • Low-vibration design allows for hours of fatigue-free usage • Chemical-free floor finish removal • Clean carpet with low-moisture encapsulation • Make tile & grout shine with the nylon scrub brush • Polish stone with our complete restoration kit • Remove finish from wood, VCT and vinyl floors • Clean indoor and outdoor concrete • Deck can be raised to change pads without tipping machine on its back • Large 10-inch wheels make transportation easy • No isolators to wear out or replace • Every point on the pad oscillates at 1725 rpm while the entire pad spins at 80 rpm • True dual-motion orbital mechanics

Tornado BD 26/26 99726 Auto Scrubber                                                                              $5000

Tornado's BD 26/26 walk-behind scrubber offers world class scrubbing, a wide cleaning path and large capacity solution and recovery tanks. This unit is perfect for use in grocery stores, retail facilities, hospitals, and warehouses.

The BD 26/26 lays down cleaning solution, scrubs, then vacuums away dirty solution, leaving floors clean and dry in just one pass, even around 180 degree turns. Clean over 32,300 square feet per hour while increasing your building's occupant health and safety. Rigorously tested in the field, the BD 26/26 walk-behind scrubber is constructed with a tough rotomold polyethylene body, ensuring years of maximum performance and reliability. Service down-time is significantly reduced with its wide-open clam shell design for fast and easy access to tanks, batteries and motor.

Clarke Focus 28" Disc Scrubber                                                                            $3650

The Focus S33 is a standard model autoscrubber which features manual push-button scrub controls and a lever for raising and lowering the 28 inch disc scrub deck. Contractor Model: Rugged construction, simple controls, easy operation, and maximized ergonomics

Standard "S" Model: Manual lowering of the scrub deck, saving costs on potential repairs.

The large 36 volt battery pack provides long runtimes and combined with the huge solution and recovery tanks enables uninterrupted floor cleaning and increased operator productivity!

This scrubber can scrub at rates of 38,000 sq ft/hr! The manual down pressure settings can be adjusted depending on the type of cleaning you need, from routine daily scrubbing to a deeper more penetrating cleaning.

  • Cleaning Path: 28 inch disc scrub deck.

  • Battery Powered: (6) 6 volt 242 AH batteries on a 36 volt system - On Board Charger included.

  • Brush System: (2) 1 hp brush motors - 150-220 lbs down pressure.

  • Tank Capacity: 30 Gallon Solution & Recovery Tanks.

  • Brush Speed: 220 RPM brush speed.

  • Recovery System: 1 HP 3-stage vacuum motor, 36 inch curved squeegee.

  • Sound Level: 65 dBa.

  • Dimensions and Weight: 1015 lbs weight, 67.3 L x 36 W x 43.75 H

Clarke Boost 28" Orbital Walk Behind Scrubber                                                             $3500

Clarke's Boost Technology will save you money as well and time by reducing water and chemical usage by up to 70%, increases the life of your pads by up to 40%, and can strip floors without the use of chemicals. Boost technology provides powerful performance along with being Green!

  • Deck Size: 28 Inch boost / orbital

  • Battery Powered: 24 volts.

  • Tank Capacity: 23 gallons

  • Included Options: Pad driver, onboard charger

Advance Convertamatic AXP                                                                                      $3400

The Advance Convertamatic family of scrubbers features six scrubbing configurations on a single platform – 24 inch, 26 inch, and 28 inch scrub decks are available in both disc and cylindrical scrubheads. Additionally, all six scrub decks are tools-free interchangeable on any machine. This modularity allows the flexibility to use either cylindrical sweep/scrub multi-tasking or rotary disc scrubbing with the same machine for different applications at the same facility. In keeping with the Total Clean™ philosophy, the ability to easily remove the scrub decks also makes the machines easier to service.

  • Click-off disc scrub heads

  • Onboard battery charger

  • Whisper-quiet 66 dB A operation

  • UltraFlow™ Squeegee System

  • Soft-Touch™ Paddle System

IPC CT 40 Walk Behind Scrubber                                          NEW                                          $4950

The IPC Eagle CT40 Walk Behind Automatic Scrubber is a compact floor cleaner designed for ease of use and cleaning efficiency. It is equipped with an automatic self-leveling system that ensures a consistent clean across all floor changes. Despite its compact design, the CT40 Automatic Scrubber can clean up to 19,000 square feet per hour. 

This listing ships with brush and 115ah batteries included. 

Other options are available by special order including pad for scrubbing and other battery options. Please call us for any special order requests on this item!

The IPC Eagle CT40 Walk Behind Automatic Scrubber enjoys wide cross-industry application. This compact machine is idea for cleaning contractors as well as buildings in the hospitality, retail and education industries. 


  • High maneuverability

The CT40 is designed to maneuver swiftly and easily. Its compact size and wide range of movement allow it to fit easily around furniture and tight corners. 

  • 10-gallon tank

A large tank allows this compact machine to clean large areas without stopping. 

  • Transport wheel

Transporting this compact machine is made even easier by the back wheel which allows for easy maneuverability even when the machine is off. 

  • Replaceable brushes

The floor brushes easily twist on and off so replacing or adjusting them is simple. 

  • 3.5 hour run time

With over 3 hours of battery life, the CT40 can complete its cleaning tasks without stopping to recharge.

  • Intuitive control panel

Every element of the CT40 has been designed with the user in mind. The control panel boasts a layout that is simple to understand and ever easier to use. 

  • Eco select

The CT40 operates efficiently, consuming less energy without sacrificing performance.

  • Compact design

The machine’s compact dimensions make it easy to store and even easier to operate. 

  • 20-inch brush drive

A brush drive of nearly two feet helps the CT40 cover large areas quickly. 

Self-leveling system

The CT40 utilizes the IPC Eagle self-leveling system to compensate for floor changes. This unique system ensures a constant, perfect fit between the brush head and the floor. This consistent pressure allows the machine to clean the floor completely, missing no debris or dirt. 

The IPC Eagle CT40 Walk Behind Automatic Scrubber adjusts on its own to every change in the flooring so that cleaning strength never falters even when the flooring is imperfect. 

Excellence guaranteed

The IPC Eagle CT40 Automatic Scrubber is made from high quality components. The tank and surrounding materials are built to last and made from high grade polyethylene.

Windsor Saber 20" Traction Drive Walk Behind Scrubber                                         $2850

This rugged machine is constructed with durable materials to ensure years of maximum performance. The Saber Compact 20 is simple to use and has large solution and recovery tanks that will increase productivity. 


20" (51 cm) diameter

Brush Motor

0.75 hp (550 watts)

Brush/Pad Speed

200 rpm

Vacuum Motor

One, 3-stage, 590 watts, 0.75 hp, 21 amps, 68" (173 cm) sealed waterlift, 69 cfm, circuit breaker protected with float shut-off

Drive System

0.4 hp (300 watts) transaxle

Operating Speed

0-240" (0-610 cm) per min.

Solution Feed System

Gravity feed, variable, with automatic shut-off in neutral

Down Pressure

50 lbs (22.7 kg) floating, 90 lbs (40.8 kg) locked

Solution Tank

14 gallon (53 ltr), polyethylene

Recovery Tank

16 gallon (60.5 ltr), polyethylene

Electrical System

24V, two-12V 105 A/H, 130 A/H or 195 A/H batteries, on-board battery charger


Two, 8" (20 cm) foam-filled drive wheels Two, 3.5" (9 cm) urethane casters


Ergonomic Grip Handle with propel buttons at fingertips


53" (135 cm) x 22" (56 cm) x 43" (109 cm)


SC20T–Same SCX20T–33.5" (85 cm) Deluxe curved gum rubber squeegee with adjustment system

Weight (without batteries)

230 lbs (104 kg)

PowrFlite CAS 16 Electric Scrubber                                     NEW                                            $1945

The CAS16 micro scrubber is designed to clean any hard floor type including non-slip, safety or textured floors, with exceptional cleaning power. With greater productivity and better performance than traditional mopping, the CAS16 is ideal for small to medium areas such as food service areas and kitchens, entrances lobbies, schools, shops and offices. The CAS16 is extremely easy to use and little training is required to operate it at full capacity. 1 Year Limited Warranty.

• 750 RPM high pressure cylindrical brush for maximum cleaning performance on uneven or tiled flooring
• Powerful brush and vacuum action restores ceramic tile floor right down to the grout
• Dual floating squeegees clean and dry in forward and backward for more efficient cleaning and increased productivity
• Cleans right to the edge with optional add-on side brush
• Quiet 70 dB operator noise level for day cleaning applications - meets LEEDS requirements