Moto Scrubber Jet 3                             NEW                                        $995   

The MotorScrubber Jet3 is your ultimate, reliable, deep-cleaning solution. A scrubber, degreaser, cleaner and polisher all in one, getting that next level clean couldn’t be easier. It is able to tackle the toughest grease, dirt and grime, it is suitable for use across a wide range of surfaces and great for cleaning those hard to reach areas.


Minuteman FM17 Low Speed Scrubber               NEW                                     $795

Helvetica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

Sanitaire Low Speed 17" Scrubber                        NEW                                     $825

Providing superior strength and high performance, Sanitaire Floor Machines are durable and high performance machines which it is built to last. feature sturdy chrome plated steel construction, 50-foot cords and safety shut-off switches. Twin capacitors allow for use on carpets and bare floors.
UL Approved for commercial use. Manufacturer's three-year parts/one-year labor warranty for commercial use.

  •   Item Number: EUR 6015


  •   1.5 HP of Power

  •   Model SC6015

  •   17" Brush Size

  •   175 rpm Speed

Square Scrub Doodle Scrub    EBG-9-Bat               NEW                            $1459

The Doodle Scrub is the most compact machine from Square Scrub, delivering nearly the same pounds per square inch as the EBG-20/C at just 22 pounds.

Made in the USA, the Doodle Scrub is designed specifically for those out-of-reach areas that the bigger floor machines cannot reach. The new patented EBG handle innovation is built with a 42 volt lithium-ion battery built in the machine handle. The battery handles are easy to swap for larger projects needing longer run times.

The Doodle Scrub EBG-9 is perfect for cleaning and preparing floors around toilets, urinals, bathroom stalls, stairs, and other similar tight or small spaces. This floor scrubbing machine is great for cleaning VCT, tile & grout, rubberized floors, and much more!

Square Scrub Doodle Mop Battery Powered             NEW              $975

When keeping your establishment clean and welcoming, you should start from the ground up. The Square Scrub SS EBG-16 Doodle Mop 16" floor scrubber is everything you need to keep all your floor surfaces clean and polished. With the help of this incredibly versatile floor unit, you will be able to clean almost every floor surface with just one powerful machine. It's great for every day floor mopping in your restrooms, restaurants, or retail establishments. A compact 16" cleaning path allows this unit to clean any hard-to-reach areas in your establishment. 

The Doodle Mop brings compact cleaning power to every application. The use of microfiber mop pads (sold separately) give surfaces a deep clean that leaves floors looking shiny and new. This unit is equipped with a durable 304 series stainless steel base and a comfortable 3-position handle, in addition to a carry strap, 35' power cord, and handle trigger. Its 4000 rpm motion cleans your floors exponentially better than traditional hand mopping. This Square Scrub machine is perfect for all of your floor cleaning needs! 

NuSource 20" Low Speed Scrubber 20FLHD                                    $425

175 RPM

50' Cord

20" Driver

Square Scrub EBG-9 Scrubber                   NEW                                           $995

The Doodle Scrub EBG-9 is a small size floor scrubber machine available in cord or battery-powered versions. Featuring the same cleaning power as our bigger machines, the Doodle Scrub can reach into tighter spaces- perfect for bathrooms, edges, storage closets, and workstations. Weighing in at only 21 pounds, the Doodle Scrub by Square Scrub is ideal for compact cleaning jobs, or to provide deeper detail after using one of our larger commercial scrubbing machines. Even though the Doodle Scrub is lightweight and small floor scrubber, it packs a punch, delivering the same pounds per square inch power as the EBG-20/C! Whether you prefer a corded, or battery-operated machine, there is a Doodle Scrub for you! 

We’ve designed the Doodle Scrub to meet the cleaning needs of a wider variety of users and circumstances, with optimal versatility in mind. When you need better reach and maneuverability, our new, patented handle system offers two different ways to attach the handle to the base. This innovative EBG-9 handle provides more options, letting you use the Doodle Scrub in different configurations, and maximizing your cleaning power. Stop using an old mop and bucket to reach around tight corners- let the Doodle Scrub compact surface preparation machine tackle it for you. Empower your cleaning with electric elbow grease!

To run a facility that is safe and clean for your visitors, it’s vital that every square inch be addressed. Dirt, grime, and potentially hazardous germs can be lurking behind toilets, around lockers and showers, and in storage spaces too. The Doodle Scrub can get to all these places, and also works well on stairs! Perfect for tile, vinyl, rubber, VCT, and many other flooring materials. Don’t neglect these hard-to-reach areas- get the peace of mind that comes from a professional  commercial scrubbing machine like the Doodle Scrub!

SSS 20" Low Speed Scrubber                                                             $425

20" Scrubber

50' Cord

175 RPM's

Square Scrub Pivot                                NEW                                        $2995

The Square Scrub Pivot orbital floor machine is available in two sizes and can handle any size job on a huge variety of floor surfaces. When you want the gold standard in commercial floor care, the EBG-20/C Pivot is a great choice for you and your business. Featuring our innovative pivoting head, this orbital floor machine can do dry floor stripping, scrubbing, and cleaning with nearly perfect surface area contact and easier operation, particularly on uneven floors. The new technology in the EBG-20/C Pivot model allows the cleaning head to have optimal weight distribution, back to front, and side to side. This allows the cleaning pad to be in better contact with the floor surface, giving you a deeper clean in less time. 

Minuteman ROS 17 Orbital Scrubber          NEW/DEMO                        $1400

For multi-purpose floor cleaning and restoration. The ROS 17 is a multifunctional orbital floor machine. The orbital technology allows you to clean and restore every floor surface. The ROS 17 combines traditional rotary scrubbing with orbital oscillation technology in one machine. The rotary motion spins at 80 RPM and the micro orbit oscillation is 1,725 orbits per minute. This combination of the two technologies increases performance, efficiency and productivity.

Minuteman ROS17 Orbital Scrubber                                                   $1100

For multi-purpose floor cleaning and restoration. The ROS 17 is a multifunctional orbital floor machine. The orbital technology allows you to clean and restore every floor surface. The ROS 17 combines traditional rotary scrubbing with orbital oscillation technology in one machine. The rotary motion spins at 80 RPM and the micro orbit oscillation is 1,725 orbits per minute. This combination of the two technologies increases performance, efficiency and productivity.

Square Scrub Doodle Scrub Deluxe Corded Electric         NEW                  $1425

The complete Doodle Scrub Package includes:

  • Doodle Scrub EBG-9

  • Doodle Skate

  • 7 Blue Pads

  • 5 White Driver Pads

  • 3 SHO Pads

  • 5 SQP Pads

  • 2 White Pads

  • 2 Tile & Grout Pads

  • 2 Xtreme Sponges

Minuteman FM-20 20" Floor Machine 175 RPM                DEMO/NEW        $800

The Front Runner series of floor machines by Minuteman are ideal for general floor maintenance tasks in areas large or small. These machines come standard with 1.5 HP triple planetary gears, plenty of power for heavy-duty cleaning and maintenance, and a heavy-duty capacitor start to provide the needed power even in the toughest cleaning situations.


The Front Runner accepts many types of brushes, pads, and scrubbing heads for various cleaning tasks. Whether you're maintaining carpet, wood floors, concrete, or stone, these high-quality machines will help you get the job done right!


Talk about easy to use! The Front Runner series has an infinitely adjustable handle, ensuring that operators of any height can comfortably use the machine. Plus, the 4.5" non-marking rear wheels make transporting this machine a breeze. An included pad driver with center cup keeps the pad evenly mounted during use.


The Front Runner series is also designed with several important safety features that protect both the operator and job site. All machines are equipped with a 50' 14-3 wire heavy-duty water-resistant power cord designed for long wear, plus, a hospital-grade plugs that meet all healthcare compliance regulations. Safety interlock switches prevent accidental machine operation, and all operator controls are non-conductive to protect the operator from electrical shock.


The Front Runner features a wrap-around bumper that protects walls and furniture from scuff marks and damage.


Designed to last and last, this machine is covered with powder-coated epoxy paint, which helps eliminate scratching and corrosion. The handle on the machine is made from tubular coated steel to resist rust and corrosion.



  • Brush diameter: 20"

  • Horsepower: 1.5 HP

  • Brush speed: 175 RPM

  • Cable length: 50 feet

  • Cable size: 14-3

  • Wheels: 4 1/2"

  • Weight (with brush): 103 lbs

Square Scrub 20" w/Vac, EBG-20/C        NEW        $3,495


The Square Scrub EBG-20/CV surface preparation floor machine is the most versatile machine for cleaning any type of floor. With features like slotted removable weights that allow you to reduce weight to clean carpet and add weight for heavy duty jobs like stone polishing, the EBG-20/CV is the ideal machine for any commercial or industrial cleaning job. The 6" x 2" non-marking wheels and ball bearings are coupled with a 3/4" axle for greater mobility.

THe EBG-20/CV comes complete with the HEPA Dry Vacuum Kit. With a 6 quart capacity and pulling under 4.5 amps, the HEPA Dry Vac Kit allows the user to tap into the power source at the Square Scrub motor, eliminating the need for extension cords. This HEPA vacuum mounts directly to the machine via a universal mounting bracket. The kit has a universal faceplate that allows it to fit on either the isolated handle or the welded bar handle. In conjunction with the Dust Containment Kit, the Dry Vac Kit significantly reduces airborne particulates. This vacuum is NOT designed to remove the debris from the floor.

  • Slotted/removable weights - for reducing weight to clean carpet or adding weight for heavy duty floor cleaning

  • 6" x 2" non-marking wheels and ball bearings coupled with 3/4" axle

  • 14" x 20" pad size

  • 50 ft 14 gauge power cord

  • Base Weight w/o Weights106 lbs

  • Total Assembled Weights156 lbs

  • Certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI)

Square Scrub 28" pivot with vac, EBG-28V        NEW      $4,995


This floor preparation machine brings compact cleaning power to every application. It gives surfaces a deep clean that leaves them looking shiny and new. The floor preparation machine is equipped with a durable 7-gauge stainless steel base that can withstand longterm use and also comes with a HEPA dry vac kit to remove dry debris from surfaces. It's capable of tackling a variety of flooring like tile and grout, wood flooring, and stone surfaces. This Square Scrub machine is perfect for all of your floor cleaning needs!

  • Base Width: 28"

  • Base Length: 14"

  • Height: 45"

  • Noise Level: (dB) 69

  • Operation Style Hand-Driven

  • Product Depth (in.) 19

  • Product Height (in.) 48

  • Product Weight (lb.) 217

  • Product Width (in.) 30

  • RPM: 3450

  • Horesepower:1.5

  • Corded

  • Safe For Use On: Ceramic Tile, Concrete, Gym Floor, Hardwood Floors, Terrazzo, Tile & Grout, VCT, Vinyl Composite (VCT) Voltage120v

Essex SilverLine SL 1218R Floor Sander, 10384500     USED      $1,295


   Applications include:


  • Screening floors after sanding with the SL-8, SL8V2 & SL-7

  • Screen & recoating polyurethane floors

  • Waxed floors scrubbing & polishing

  • Wood deck sanding & refinishing

  • Parquet floor sanding & refinishing

  • New & pre-finished floor sanding & refinishing

  • Tile Maintenance


*** NOTE: 12″ x 18″ Essex Silver line 1218thkw thick white pad MUST         be used with this item to ensure proper use and outcomes. 

   Net Weight – 115 lbs.

   Dimensions – 12″ x 18″ Orbital Polisher

  • 1 HP Sealed motor w/Thermo reset

  • Heavy Duty Rubber Towers at each Corner

  • 5/8” orbital Action from our oversized flywheel

  • Dual Bearings on Flywheel