Advance 20 BT                                                                                                   $1950

The Advolution walk-behind battery burnisher delivers consistent and even polishing with a self-regulating pad pressure and a floating, flexible pad driver. This eliminates the need for operators to make adjustments to the pad pressure. This Advolution has a 20 inch burnishing path with pad assist.

Safety: An angled safety switch ensures that the machine cannot be activated when it is tipped back to conveniently change the pad.

Sustainability: Maintenance-free AGM gel type batteries provide longer run-time and overall useful life (optional).

Ergonomics: Operator handles are designed for maximum comfort and maneuverability.


Sound Level: At just 65 or 68 dB A, operators can burnish anytime, day or night.


Air Quality: An innovative felt-sealed system captures all dust and provides the best dust collection of any burnisher.