Betco 20' High Speed XT-3 Walk Behind Burnisher      0070                                    $1,700

These burnishers utilize state of the art technology to outperform traditional battery and propane burnishers. The 21" features maintenance free batteries and an onboard charger, while the 27" features onboard battery charging and watering systems. These machines are easy to operate and maintain. A precision controller is synchronized to a powerful maintenance free motor to deliver the high level burnish response today's high speed floor finishes demand.

(3) wet cell, 12 volt, 140AH batteries.

Tornado Glazer 2500 (Without Batteries)     3132                                                                                 $400

This high speed buffer machine will polish your floor to a fantastic shine! It is battery powered with a 20" wide burnishing path. Because you won't have to worry about an outlet you can take this machine virtually anywhere, and the cordless operation makes for faster and more efficient burnishing. At 2500 RPMs this machine truly is high spped. Adjustable pad pressure put control in your hands and diversifies the projects this machine can be utilized for. The dual air filtration system provides virtually dust-free burnishing which is important when operating within certain facilities.

• 20" path - pad driver included & TRACTION DRIVE!

• Battery Operated: 75' safety yellow power cord.

• Speed: Up to 2500 RPMs.

• Up to 30 lbs of pad pressure.

• 2.5 HP brush motor.

• Polythylene construction.


Nobles Speed Gleam        5885                                                                                $1,400

The NOBLES SPEED GLEAM is a battery powered burnisher. This unit has traction drive. The NOBLES SPEED GLEAM helps maintain indoor air quality with passive dust control or optional active HEPA filtration. Highly intuitive controls make adjusting between three speeds and three down pressures quick and easy.

Cleaning path: 20 inch (50.8 cm)
Par speed: 1600 RPM
Machine voltage: 36V
Product height: 55 inch (139 cm)
Product width: 30 inch (76 cm)
Product length: 58 inch (148 cm)