ProTeam 1500XP                                                                                           NEW                         $389

ProTeam ProForce® 1500XP HEPA Upright Vacuum has a 15" 3.25 Qt./3L capacity with a 924 watt dual motor, 10 amp motor, 96 CFM, 84" static lift, dBA 67, and weighs 18 lbs. Uses Intercept Micro Filter Bag #103483 w/HEPA Filtration. Comes with on board tools with a light weight plastic wand, super stretch hose, 50" 18 gauge safety yellow cord, electronic system performance indicator, quick release cord dump, and an ergonomic padded handle grip with conveniently mounted 3 way motor switch. Comes with a 14-1/2" hard wood brush roll and two Intercept Micro Filter bags. The ProForce 15" upright provides exceptional cleaning in a high filtration upright design to improve reach, durability, and indoor air quality. The powerful ProForce contains a high performance dual motor system and a low profile, L - shaped head perfect for vacuuming under and around furniture. Warranty covers: 3 years on parts, labor, motor and molded body parts. Some exceptions apply to high frequency wear items such as electrical and molded body parts. 3 year limited warranty on parts, labor, motor and molded body parts.

Clean Max Upright CMP3d                                                                                     NEW             $239    

The Pro-Series vacuums are built to stand up to the toughest cleaning challenges day after day. With metal components used throughout high-wear areas and a Clean Air System designed to protect the motor and the fan, durability is the cornerstone of these vacuums. Want even less downtime. Then you want the Pro-Series Zero, which features Hall Sensor belt protection technology to ensure you’ll never change a belt again.

  • Motor protection

  • HEPA filtration

  • Two 30 ft. commercial grade cords with 6.5 in. pigtail

  • Metal telescopic wand and 10 ft. of cleaning reach

  • 4 rubber wheels

  • 14 in. nozzle with riveted bumper

  • Front and side edge cleaning

  • Automatic height adjustment

  • Less than 1 lb. handle weight

  • 1-year main body and 2-year motor warranty

  • LEED Qualifying

  • ETL Approved

  • Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval- Silver

Tornado CV 30/1 Upright Vacuum                                                                  NEW                    $300

The Tornado CV 30 is a proven commercial grade vacuum, fit for daily cleaning demands. The CV 30 provides effortless operation, versatility, ergonomic design, quiet operation, and HEPA filtration. A lightweight handle, brush-assisted movement and on-board tools make the Tornado CV 30 the choice of cleaning professionals.

Tacony BPGEN Battery Powered Back Pack Vacuum                                                                    $950

  • Powered by Samsung® lithium battery technology

  • Runs continuously for almost an hour on a single charge

  • Color coded display indicates battery status

  • Batteries can be easily changed without removing the unit and can be charged in just 2 1/2 hours

  • Patented Aircomfort harness technology reducing wearer perspiration by up to 25% over closed-back systems

  • Five unique harness adjustments for an individualized, secure, and cool fit

  • Mesh back panel in the harness allows for constant air flow from 3 directions

  • Ergonomic hip fins and waist belt are proven to balance the pack weight when performing duties

  • A four-level filtration system including a HEPA filter cartridge, contributing to improved indoor air quality (IAQ)

  • Able to clean up to 7,407 sq. ft. per hour

  • Less than 65 dB rating for whisper-quiet operation

  • Lightweight and ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue

  • Includes charger, disposable paper bag, wand, hose, & tools

  • 65" water lift

Sanitaire Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner                                                        NEW         $189

The New generation of Sanitaire is now made by Bissell. The revised Sanitaire TRADITION SC684 Commercial Upright is durable and lightweight with a 2,000-hour motor, shake out bag, chrome brush roll with replaceable bristle strips. The TRADITION SC684 is ideal for commercial indoor/outdoor carpets and is our best seller among commercial uprights. Increase productivity with less downtime with a large capacity, 18-qt shake out bag and an extra long 50-foot power cord. 

5 Available

Advance Battery Sweeper                                  ADVANCE-SW700                             (13hrs)                             $1200


SW700S  is a walk-behind reliable sweeper for small and narrow areas. Simple to use anywhere by anyone. The sweeper is ten times more productive than cleaning with traditional brooms and thereby improves your cleaning efficiency.

SW700S is ideal for cleaning exterior-parking areas, warehouses, garages or factories and it can also be used for cleaning carpets.

SW700S is a reliable machine built robust to last. Main broom, side broom and filter are easily adjusted or changed without the use of tools.

SW700S is the ideal solution for dust free sweeping in- and outdoor

  • Theoretical productivity rate of 3.280 m2 per hour

  • Stell chassis and durable polyethylene construction resists corrosion

  • Over throw system, good for all types of debris: paper, metal pieces or small stones

  • Powerful vacuum turbine in aluminium


Proteam Progen 12                                                          NEW                                                 $425

  • Comfortable operation with ergonomic, lightweight handle

  • Large rubberized wheels allow for advanced maneuverability

  • 24" wand and hose stretch to 8'

  • Ultra-bright LED headlamps illuminate the cleaning path

  • Animated dashboard alerts users to brush roll jams or airflow blocks

  • Dual post-motor HEPA filters with multi-stage filtration system

Proteam Supercoach                                                   NEW                                                               $499

Easily clean all throughout your establishment using the ProTeam 107422 Super CoachVac 10 qt. backpack vacuum with cleaning service tool kit! This easy-to-transport unit only weighs 11 lb. and makes it easy to clean around and under tables, chairs, and other furniture. It boasts a high-powered motor that removes more soil from carpet up to three times faster than traditional upright vacuums. With a bright yellow 50' extension cord, you can travel further around your space and allow for quick identification so there are no accidental trips on the cord.

This vacuum is ergonomically designed to distribute weight across the hips for comfort, and a thermal protector shut-off switch prevents the motor from overheating. It comes with a turbo brush that pulls deep down dirt from carpets, a telescoping wand for maximum comfort, and a hard floor tool with a felt brush that's perfect for use on hardwood floors and polished finishes. Plus, this unit comes with a dusting brush that gently removes particles from lampshades, blinds, and shelves, two micro filter bags to lock in vacuumed up debris and dirt, and a crevice tool to get every particle - even in the nooks and crannies! Conveniently house everything in the included mesh storage bag so you never misplace any pieces!

CleanMax Battery Powered Upright Vac                      ZM-800               NEW                                                     $600


Finally, ultra lightweight power is unleashed with the CleanMax Commercial Zoom Cordless Upright Vacuum #ZM800. The hassles of winding and unwinding the cord are over thanks to the 44 volt lithium ion battery pack which keeps the Zoom running at top cleaning power for approximately 50 minutes. Check the remaining life of the battery with the press of a button, but don’t worry about running out of cleaning time, simply swap out for a fresh battery or recharge in under two hours. Keep the speed, lose the cord with the Zoom 800.


  • Powerful 44 Volt Lithium Ion Battery with Approximately 50 Minutes of Vacuuming per Charge

  • Interchangeable Battery for continuous cleaning activity

  • Wood Brushroll, Metal Handle Tube and Wheel Axles

  • Zero Foot Cord

  • HEPA Media Self-Sealing Bag

  • On/Off Switch on the Rubber Handle Grip. PLUS micro-off switch in upright position for safety

  • Replaceable Brushroll

  • Designed-in breakaway mechanism for long lasting durability on the Handle Release

  • Polycarbonate Nozzle and Bottom Plate

  • Rubber Squeegee for Multi Floor Cleaning

  • Increase Productivity up to 30%

  • Convenient Carry Handle

  • Automatic Height Adjustment

  • 6 Rubber Wheels

  • Ultra-Bright LED Headlight


Windsor Sensor S12 Upright Vacuum Cleaner                                                           NEW        $650

The Sensor S upright vacuum with a 12-inch cleaning path has a proven reputation for reliability, performance, and ease of maintenance.

The industry’s most dependable workhorse vacuum, the Sensor® S is a trusted upright vacuum with a proven reputation of reliability, performance, and ease of maintenance. With a single-motor design and a light handle weight, this machine is comfortable to operate and provides optimal performance. With 1,200 watts of power, the Sensor® S’s vacuum motor pulls even more dirt and grime from your carpets. This machine utilizes a single motor to cut down on weight in order to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

Pro Team Battery Powered Backpack Vac                                            NEW                                                $1425

  • It’s Time to Cut the Cord and GoFree!


  • Enjoy improved comfort and total freedom of movement with the newly redesigned ProTeam GoFree Flex Pro Backpack Vacuum. This cordless backpack vacuum is 5 times more productive than a traditional corded upright vacuum, allowing you to clean the same area with half the energy and effort.


  • 30% Increase in Productivity Over Corded Backpack Models

  • With no cords to trip you up or slow you down, the GoFree Flex Pro improves productivity over corded backpack vacuums by an impressive 30%! You won’t have to spend time unraveling cords, yanking them around corners, or stopping every 50 feet to find a new outlet. You can travel from room to room and floor to floor with complete cordless convenience.


  • Long Run Time – 75 Minutes!

  • The newly enhanced motor of the GoFree Flex Pro provides 75 minutes of continuous runtime, allowing you to easily clean even the largest facilities without stopping.


  • Quick Battery Charge Time – Just 2.5–3 Hours

  • The long-lasting rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery charges in just 2.5–3 hours and is capable of 850 charge cycles. It features a built-in charge status indicator light that tells you at-a-glance when the battery is fully charged and ready for use.


  • Ultra-Quiet Operation

  • At only 63.7 dBA, the GoFree is quiet—very quiet. This vacuum is ideal for use in busy, occupied areas, such as offices where phones are in use or hotels where guests are relaxing.


  • High-Performance Filtration for Cleaner, Healthier Air

  • The GoFree Flex Pro features ProTeam’s four-level filtration for reduced emissions and cleaner air.

  • Level 1: Intercept Micro® Filter – captures micro-particles and debris

  • Level 2: Micro Cloth Filter – washable, reusable filter with breathable membrane

  • Level 3: Pre-Motor Dome Filter – protects motor from harmful debris

  • Level 4: Post-Motor HEPA Filter – easy-access HEPA filter contains microscopic particulates and carbon motor dust


  • Lightweight and Comfortable for Every User

  • Weighing just 18 lbs, the GoFree Flex Pro is one of the lightest battery backpack vacuums on the market today.

  • It features an upgraded FlexFit® harness with an adjustable sternum strap fits a variety of body shapes and sizes. It balances the weight of the vacuum and offers improved lumbar support to reduce fatigue.


  • The harness is fully articulating, which means it moves with the user, ensuring your back, hips, and shoulders remain comfortable as you stretch and reach to clean areas high and low. The unique design also keeps the user upright, minimizing the “hunching over” that is often associated with upright and canister vacuums.


  • The open-weave, heat-dissipating fabric keeps the user cool and comfortable even with extended use.


  • Commercial-Quality, User-Friendly Features

  • The GoFree Flex Pro is designed to optimize cleaning for busy building maintenance professionals.

  • From its unique triangular design (which reduces accidental contact with walls and doorways) to the easy-toggle power switch conveniently located on the belt, this vacuum is designed to make professional cleaning easy. It even features rear-facing vents that ensure you won’t accidentally blow papers off desks while cleaning.

Pro Team Super Coach 10 Quart Electric Backpack                                                           NEW             $495

  • New ProTeam Super CoachVac Pro 10 QT backpack vacuum with the Heavy Duty ProTeam 1 - 1/2" attachment set, which includes: Multi surface Floor tool, Duster brush, Crevice tool, Upholstery tool, 2 tool extension wands, heavy duty tool hose, and 50' cord.

  • This powerful backpack vacuum uses 3 filters to protect the motor from grease, dirt, and sound mufflers aid in quiet operation. Its rugged design and redesigned shape make for a more comfortable fit on your back and make it a perfect match for the tough demands of food services, office buildings, schools, hospitals, churches and movie theaters.

  • The 12 pound Super CoachVac Pro 10 QT is also ergonomically designed and easy to maintain and use. Studies from an independent laboratory comparing upright and backpack vacuum use have proven that operators using back packs vacuums: expend HALF the physical energy and perceived effort.

  • The Super CoachVac Pro 10 QT is the only back pack vacuum tough enough to last in the restaurant industry with a Five-year motor warranty and a Life time body warranty! 

Pro Team Super Coach 6 Quart Back Pack Vacuum                                                           NEW              $440

  • TACKLE THE TOUGH MESSES - Industrial vacuum backpack is loaded with accessories for cleaning hard floors, carpets, and around tables and chairs;Decibels: 65.8 dBA; Airflow: 159 CFM; Four Level Filtration: 1054 sq. inches total area

  • COMFORTABLE - Adjustable FlexFit harness has additional padding for maximum comfort during long periods of cleaning and the open weave fabric keeps the body cooler during use.:Decibel - dBA 69.7. Static Lift - in - 91

  • PRODUCTIVE - The extra-long 50-foot power cord allows cleaning of large areas without having to unplug so you can easily maneuver around the kitchen and dining room

  • IMPROVED AIR QUALITY - Four Level Advanced Filtration with HEPA Media Filter captures 99.97 percent of particulate 0.3 microns and larger including allergens and food debris

  • Ideal commercial vacuum backpack for the foodservice industry including restaurants, nightclubs, bars, kitchens, school cafeterias, and hotels.Airflow (CFM):153

Minuteman MPV 31 Wide Area Vacuum                                                    NEW                         $2,350   


  • A wide 30" path covers large spaces quickly and efficiently

  • On-board tools and telescopic wand make detail cleaning easy

  • Handle folds for compact storage

  • Clean Air Filtration System provides 95% filtration efficiency

  • Extra large wheels glide across carpet

The Minuteman MPV 31 Wide Area Carpet Vacuum lets you get the job done quickly and efficiently. This system has a 30 inch cleaning path that cleans up to 25,000 square feet per hour. On-board accessory tools provide easy cleaning of above the floor and hard to reach areas.

Vacuum features convenient foot lever for multiple brush height adjustments, and multiple handle adjustments to fit operator height. This wide area vacuum is lightweight and low-profile for ergonomic operation, and its Clean Air Filtration System keeps the air clean during use. Folding handle makes allows for compact storing.

Includes one Disposable paper debris bag (270183) and on-board accessory tools: dust brush, crevice tool and combination hard/floor carpet tool.

Proteam Free Flex Battery Operated Upright Vacuum Cleaner                                                  $1095

For a smooth, efficient cleaning process, use this ProTeam 107499 FreeFlex upright cordless / corded vacuum. This lightweight vacuum cleaner is a versatile tool that allows you freedom of movement as you clean. The hybrid design allows you to use the included cord while you vacuum or go cordless with the help of the lithium-ion battery. The battery charges in 108 minutes and allows you up to 72 minutes of continuous cleaning. The compact design of this vacuum cleaner lays flat so that you can easily maneuver it under low-hanging furniture like sofas and coffee tables.

For the deepest possible clean without risk of spillage, this vacuum includes an intercept micro filter bag made of four layers of synthetic cloth. An interior plastic debris barrier and triple-stitched edges combine to prevent punctures and rips even from the hardest pieces of debris. This vacuum also includes a clog tool that removes or loosens debris as you clean, making it easy to clean up even the toughest messes. Since no tools are required for assembly, this vacuum is ready to operate as soon as it arrives! Make sure your space is as clean as possible with the help of this mighty and versatile vacuum!

Clean Max 6 Quart Corded Backpack Vacuum                                                                         $345

When a traditional vacuum just won't do, the CleanMax Backpack will. With an ergonomically designed shoulder harness and belt, the CleanMax Backpack Vacuum makes it easy to clean on, around and in between furnishings. Despite the quiet motor, cleaning is powerful enough to move embedded dirt, whether it's on hard floors, carpet, ceilings or furniture. The CleanMax Ergonomic Backpack Vacuum has earned a Gold rating from The Carpet and Rug Institute.

  • 8.5 AMP Motor

  • Thermal Motor Protection

  • Curved Aluminum Wand

  • 7 Full Size Tools

  • New & Improved Ergonomic Comfort Straps

  • 50' 3-Wire SJT Cord with Tools-Free Replacement

Cleanmax CMPS QDZ Upright Vacuum Cleaner                                                                         $359

The CleanMax Zero is a part of the Pro Series, where the goal is to provide well-built, sturdy vacuums that can be relied upon for day in, day out use. Take this vacuum out for a thorough clean of carpet and bare floors and do it worry free, as the metal tools and brushroll can take a beating.

What’s an already impressive vacuum becomes even better, as the Zero is the only vacuum in the Pro Series to also have a Lifetime Belt with Hall Sensor to stop you from burning belt after belt. Replaceable brush roll bearings and a pigtail cord show just how easy this vacuum is to maintain, and most importantly, how much money it can save you.

10 AMP Capped Motor

Clean Air System

HEPA Filtration Standard

Thermal and Pressure Activated Motor Protection

Metal Handle Tube, Metal Cord Hook, Metal Bottom Plate

Quick Draw Tools with 12' Cleaning Reach

Aluminum Telescopic Wand

Metal Brushroll with Ball Bearings

4 Rubber Wheel with Brass Bushings

14” Nozzle with Riveted Bumper Guard

Automatic Height Adjustment

6.5" Pigtail with Two 30' Commercial Grade Cords

Perfect Upright Battery Vacuum P-109                              NEW                                                  $495

This Perfect vacuum has the longest runtime of any battery vacuum on the commercial market. It’s got a full size motor and uses a lithium ion battery. The power source has a circuit board to protect the motor from overheating. It uses extra large capacity H-10 HEPA vacuum bags and the brushroll has a 13 inch cleaning path. The bristles on this cordless vacuum are antimicrobial.

This commercial vacuum cleaner has a self-adjusting head that allows you to switch from carpet to hardwood floors with ease. It has large rear wheels for easy transport, and is easy to maneuver, offering superior pickup for large and small debris. If desired, you can also purchase a car charger for this cordless vacuum. The car charger allows you to charge the vacuum on the go from job to job, making this an even more convenient choice for busy carpet cleaning professionals.

The outer cloth bag on this machine is SMS lined, and it has an ergonomic handle for more comfortable use, along with a fingertip contoured on/off switch. The wheels and bumper are non-marking. The H-10 HEPA vacuum bags provide 5 layer micro-filtration so that you and your clients can breathe easy. This unit also features a quick change belt system. The side panel easily comes off for quick access to the motor and brushroll.

Powr Flite Bagless Vacuum                                                                                           NEW     $329

Improve indoor air quality with the versatile Powr-Flite PF82DC vacuum with the sealed HEPA filtration system. Ideal for health and childcare facilities, this vacuum features a washable HEPA filter that captures dust and allergen particles down to .3 microns in size.

2 Available

Powr Flite 16" Vacuum                                                                                                 NEW       $329

Commercial Bagless Upright Vacuum w/Qt and Wide Track 16"- Powr-Flite’s 716 Series features a 16” cleaning path which covers 33% more area than standard 12" uprights. A powerful 7.0 amp motor and six-position height adjustment provides optimum cleaning performance on a variety of surfaces from hard floors to carpet. Switch to quiet mode for low-decibel daytime cleaning. The pigtail cord with 50' extension cord makes cord changes quick and easy.

Our VC models include patented Triple V technology:

Vacucide – kills 99.9% of the disease-causing organisms commonly found in cloth vacuum bags
Vibra-Kleen – vibrating sleeve that eliminates clogged bags and overheated motors
Venturi – 20% larger than standard bags

  • Built for the rigors of daily commercial use

  • Patented Triple V technology traps 99.9% of dust and allergens

  • Wide Track - reduce cleaning time by 33%

  • QT Technology - Dual speed settings allow for a more quiet mode of cleaning

  • Pigtail design with 50 ft. quick change cord

  • Carpet height dial provides quick adjustments

  • Quick-fix fan chamber allows for easy fan changes

  • Looped handle grip reduces user fatigue on large jobs

 NSS Pacer 30                                                                                                                          $1200.00


Pacer 30 is the smart choice for fast, effective vacuuming of large carpeted areas. Ideal for reception areas, meeting rooms, hallways, airport terminals or any other large areas that demand high-performance vacuuming in a hurry. Pacer 30 is also available with a built-in 2" hose that stretches to 9.5 ft., and on-board tool kit including a 2-piece wand, crevice tool, and round brush for above-the-floor cleaning tasks. Also available with HEPA filter.

Pacer 30 is the smart choice for fast, efficient vacuuming of large carpeted areas.


Viper PS480                                                                     NEW       2 Available                          $595

  • The compact design makes the Viper PS480 ideal when space is limited and for cleaning in congested areas

  • For most of the time, the sweeper is virtually service free, as it is purely mechanical – with is no motor, battery or power cord

  • The main broom is adjustable by turning the handle knob. It is driven by a two-wheel transmission, and when the sweeper is pulled back, the broom will stop rotating

  • To replace the main broom, just unscrew three screws on each side of it

  • Side broom is belt driven. To increase the tension of the belt, just move the plate, unscrew two screws on the plate, and adjust as needed

  • To replace the side broom, just unscrew three screws.The 38-litre hopper is very light, and the robust handle makes it easy to empty

Pro Team Free Flex with Cord                                               NEW                                            $499

  • Lightweight - Weighs only 13.9 pounds which means it's comfortable and easy to maneuver

  • Intercept Micro Filter Bag - Synthetic cloth four-layer filter resists puncture with interior plastic debris barrier while triple-stitched edges help prevent ripping

  • Animated Dashboard - Display shows when the vacuum is operating normally and alerts the user to a brush roll jam and battery level

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality - Filter bag features a cardboard filter cover that closes to contain dust when removing and changing your filter bag

  • 2 year warranty on motor, battery and charger, 3 years, parts, labor and molded body parts (except wear items)

Perfect Upright Vacuum Cleaner                                               NEW                                       $195

Perfect Upright Vacuum with On Board Tools Model P31130.

Perfect 14 Inch Domestic By-Pass Bagged Tools On Board Upright Vacuum.


14 Inch Cleaning Path. Tools On Board. (Crevice / Dust Brush / Turbo Pet Handi-Mate). HEPA Exhaust Filter. HEPA 5 Layer Filtration Bags. 5 Stage Height Adjustment.

LED Headlight.

Bag Full Indicator.

Lightweight – 11 lbs. 1 Year Warranty.

Powerfully cleans hard floors and carpets.

Crevice tool and dust brush for floor to ceiling cleaning.

Pet Handi-Mate attachment to remove stubborn pet hair from furniture, stairs, and more. 5 Stage height adjustment for different floor types and carpet pile heights. 

Clean Max CMP-3T                                                          NEW                                                                  $250

The Pro-Series vacuums are built to stand up to the toughest cleaning challenges day after day. With metal components used throughout high-wear areas and a Clean Air System designed to protect the motor and the fan, durability is the cornerstone of these vacuums. Want even less downtime. Then you want the Pro-Series Zero, which features Hall Sensor belt protection technology to ensure you’ll never change a belt again.

  • Motor protection

  • HEPA filtration

  • Two 30 ft. commercial grade cords with 6.5 in. pigtail

  • Metal telescopic wand and 10 ft. of cleaning reach

  • 4 rubber wheels

  • 14 in. nozzle with riveted bumper

  • Front and side edge cleaning

  • Automatic height adjustment

  • Less than 1 lb. handle weight

  • 1-year main body and 2-year motor warranty

  • LEED Qualifying

  • ETL Approved

  • Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval- Silver

Clean Max Pro Series with Quick Draw                            NEW                                                  $359

The CleanMax Pro Series Upright Vacuum is built to stand up to the toughest cleaning challenges day after day. Features metal components used throughout high-wear areas and a Clean Air System designed to protect the motor and the fan from damage due to debris. The Quick Draw System on-board tools are at your fingertips to extend your cleaning reach. Powered by a 10 Amp, 120V two-stage motor with thermal protection.


  • 10 Amp, 120V two-stage motor with thermal protection

  • Clean Air System protects fan and vacuum motor from damage due to heavy debris

  • Thermal motor protection automatically shuts off vacuum in event of a clog and prevents motor damage

  • HEPA bag and post filter traps 99.97% of dirt, dust, pollen down to .3 microns

  • 14in.W nozzle with metal brushroll with replaceable brush strips, metal bottom plate and handle

  • Ready to use, Quick Draw hose and telescopic wand offers above floor cleaning and 12ft. of cleaning reach at your fingertips

  • Onboard tools system includes: metal telescopic wand, crevice tool, 2-in-1 upholstery tool with dusting brush and stretch hose

  • Convenient full bag indicator alerts user to replace bag and/or remove a clog

  • Automatic height adjustment takes guess work out of optimal operation

  • 60ft. 3-wire pigtail cord (two 30ft. cords) design means switching outlets less often and makes replacing a damaged cord easy

  • Metal handle, cord hook and bottom plate for increased durability

  • Metal brush roll with replaceable brush strips for easier maintenance and durability

  • Tool-less belt change reduces downtime

  • Decibel rating of <70 dB is LEED qualifying

  • Carpet & Rug Institute Silver Seal of Approval

Tennant S8 Sweeper                                                                                                                   $1200

Wide-area sweeper safely delivers a professional clean

  • High productivity from the sweeper's unique versatility enables cleaning indoors or out, over hard floors or carpet, with cordless battery power.

  • Cleans day or night, on your schedule, with whisper-quiet 65 dBa.

  • High durability and low maintenance means cleaning in even light industrial environments.

Key reliability and performance features

  • Convenient on-board charger allows you to quickly and easily recharge the battery wherever you find an electrical outlet.

  • Steel frame, durable covers and chrome-plated tubular handle make the S8 tough enough to clean light industrial environments.

  • Features an environmentally friendly 12-volt gel battery for low-noise (65 dBa) and cord-free cleaning that keeps guests or employees safe and comfortable.

Windsor Radius Mini (Demo Unit)                                                                                                   $110

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra-quiet, user-friendly compact sweeper is perfect for small cleaning jobs in high-traffic environments

  • Flexible, professional interim cleanup

  • Cordless design helps eliminate tripping hazards

  • Innovative universal joint with parking position

  • Large, non-marking soft-grip wheels

  • Rugged bumper for surface protection

  • Powerful rechargeable NiCad battery pack provides up to 45 minutes of operation on hard surfaces and up to 30 minutes on carpet

  • Optional high-speed battery charger available for complete charging in 50 minutes

Bissell 17" Upright Vacuum                                                                                                         $200

Disposable-bag, corded upright vacuums collect dirt, dust, and allergens in replaceable bags that are discarded when full. They minimize contact with collected debris since their disposable bags don't need to be shaken out like reusable bags or cleaned out like a dirt cup. The bags serve as a filter to trap dust while allowing air to flow through. These vacuums keep debris contained for disposal to help prevent recirculation of dust and allergens, making them a common choice for use in healthcare and educational settings.

Hoover Battery Powered Back Pack Vacuum                                                                                   $200

  • 2 Speed Motor – Allows for Boosted Mode for more suction

  • 300 Cycle Battery – Recharge the battery 300 times before it goes bad

  • Uses a 40v Lithium-Ion Quick Change Battery – Allows up to 45 Minutes of Run Time on low and 30 minutes on Boost (Sold Separately)

  • Charges battery in 2.5 Hours

  • 19.8 Lbs

  • Quiet at 66 dBA

  • 94 CFM on Boost Mode

  • Uses Bags – Allergen or Standard Self-Sealing Bags

  • HEPA Media Filter

  • 6 Quart Capacity

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • Comes with Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool