Chariot iscrub 20" ride on floor scrubber                   # 87714                                                         $4200

Designed with Windsor's Chariot Patented Stand-On Cleaning Technology* that significantly increases productivity and cleaning quality.

Swiveling no-adjustment squeegee, with Aqua-Mizer functionality that ensures 100% water pick up for dry, safe floors Design and size that provides remarkable maneuverability, and best-in-industry 360º visibility that allows the operator to see more of the cleaning area Intuitive control panel with two transport speeds and two operating speeds, and an easy-to-clean, fully accessible hygienic recovery tank Quiet operation for daytime cleaning External fill port for quick access to fill solution tank

Advance Advenger 28"                                           #5555                                                                   $5400

  • EcoFlex System: Effortlessly switch between water-only cleaning or different cleaning intensities. Reduce chemical usage, labor costs, and environmental impact

  • Refillable detergent cartridge conserves cleaning solution while eliminating the need for pre-mixing

  • Standard low-flow scrubbing mode conserves water usage by up to 70% while delivering high productivity per tankful

  • High traction non-marking urethane tires

  • Adjustable steering column easily configures to drivers height

Chariot 2 Iscrub 20"                                          #CIS200                                                                $5350

  • The Chariot™ 2 iScrub 20 floor scrubber is more productive, more maneuverable, and easier to use than any other 20-inch scrubber. Compared to traditional walk-behind scrubbers, the Chariot™ 2 iScrub 20 scrubs 50% more area with a lower investment cost and at a higher productivity rate. This scrubber features an intuitive control panel making it easy to use and train operators. Its intelligent design features a tight 48-inch turning radius for remarkable maneuverability and best-in-industry 360° visibility, making it easier for the operator to see more of the cleaning area. The center-pivot squeegee uses Aqua-Mizer technology to create a cleaning chamber that holds the solution, resulting in lower water and chemical consumption as well as better water pickup for dry, safe floors. It is easy to clean, maintain and service thanks to a fully accessible hygienic recovery tank with solution dump hose and easy access to batteries. The Chariot™ 2 iScrub 20 also offers quiet operation for daytime cleaning. Improve your bottom line and experience up to 58% in operational savings versus competitively sized walk-behind scrubbers with the Chariot™ 2 iScrub 20.

IPC CT70 Rider Floor Scrubber                                   #IPC-CT70                                                             $6400

  • Scrubbing width Inch/mm 28”

  • Suction width Inch/mm 40”

  • Productivity (at max speed) 33,910 Sqft

  • Number of brushes 2 (disc)

  • Solution tank capacity  19 Gal

  • Recovery tank capacity 20 Gal

  • Power supply  24V

  • Weight (net) 224 Lbs

  • Length 55”;  Width 30”;  Height 38”

Advance Terra 3700b Ride on Sweeper                      ADVANCE-7891                                             $4200

  • Advance Terra 3700B Rider Floor Sweeper is a small commercial grade over-throw floor sweeper perfect for medium sized locations who need assistance containing small and light debris and controlling dust within their facility. 37" sweeping path, 24" main broom and dual 13.5" side brooms-sweeps up to 52,095 square feet per hour, battery power, with on board battery charger up to four hours of working time per charge. 1.75 feet hopper capacity.

Minuteman Max ride 20"                                             #MAXR20                 NEW                                               $6950

The MAX Ride 20 is the first compact micro rider scrubber engineered with large rider durability in mind. Built on an extremely durable e-coated steel frame with a large integrated solution and recovery tank capacities, the MAX Ride maximizes productivity at an exceptional value.

This innovative micro rider with its unique squeegee assembly to brush proximity offers best-in-class water pick up.


  • 20" Pad Driver

  • Battery, 12V, 140AH Crown (2 Required)

  • Minuteman's innovative SPORT (Scrub Polish or Remove Top Two Coats) technology.




  • Auto Load and Unload of brush or pad driver

  • On-board Charger

  • Capable of turning 360 degrees on its own axis providing exceptional maneuverability

  • 18-gallon solution and recovery tanks

  • Squeegee is contained under the unit and follows the brush/pad driver for complete water pickup

  • SPORT (Scrub Polish or Remove Top Two Coats) can easily and economically provide chemical free surface preparation and/or the removal of floor finish to effectively clean and restore floors.

SPORT Technology

  • The SPORT technology is the newest inclusion to the highly regarded Minuteman E series line of Auto Scrubbers.

  • The SPORT technology (Scrub Polish or Remove Top Two Coats) can easily and economically provide users with the means to perform chemical free surface preparation and or the removal of floor finish to effectively clean and restore floors.

  • Easy to understand controls ensure that the machine is simple to operate.

  • The compact and sleek design results in total operator comfort by focusing on ergonomics and provides an excellent line of sight to the area to be cleaned.

  • The adjustable handle and ergonomic hand bails offer superior handling of the machine and the traction drive models offer ergonomic, adjustable speed regulation with the turn of a dial.

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