IPC CT80 BT70 28" Rider Scrubber               NEW/DEMO                     $11,750

  • Three pre-set working programs so that the machine can start with just the click of a button

  • Self Leveling System where the brush will automatically adjust to any surface while maintaining constant pressure

  • Color Coded parts indicating daily and scheduled checks

  • Brushes and squeegee blades are removable without tools

  • 28" Scrub Path

  • 22 Gallon Recovery and Solution Tanks


Tennant T16 36" Disc Scrubber                                                            $26,950

  • Application: Indoor

  • Estimated Coverage/Productivity: Up to 89100 sq ft / 8230 sq m

  • Estimated Run Time: Up to 4 hours

  • Main Down Pressure: Up to 250 lb / 114 kg

  • Power Source: Battery

  • Sound Level: As low as 68-71 dBA

  • Squeegee Width: 42 in / 1065 mm

  • Head Type: Disk

  • Charger type: On-board, Off-board

  • Cleaning Path: 36 in / 900 mm

  • Machine Type: Ride-On

  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 60 gal / 225 L

  • Pad RPMs: Up to 300 rpm (disk) / 500 rpm (cylindrical)

  • Solution Tank Capacity: 50 or 75 gal / 190 or 280 L


  • Perfect sweeping results due to the large, newly developed main broom

  • Eight model combinations to choose from

  • Low dump or variable high dump has a 60" clearance

  • Heavy-duty, industrial steel frame

  • Practically indestructible body panels

  • Extremely maneuverable even in the narrowest of isles

  • One side broom standard - Optional second broom increases cleaning path

  • Robust Main Broom System

    Has wrap-around protection and patented broom holder

    Quick-change brooms, no-tools required

  • Central Sweeping Level Adjustment garantees that the right level and even pressure is extered by the suspended main broom

  • Overthrow front flap opens wide and is flexible to allow pick up of larger debris and fine dirt in a single pass

  • Filter system is protected again moisture and wet debris with bypass flap

  • 32 square foot panel filter is integrated in the blower casing and is easily accessible

  • Safety features include a safety seat shut-off switch. The machine shuts down if the operator gets up from the seat

  • Powered by: Propane

Windsor Chariot 2 iScrub 20x 20" Stand On Scrubber, 10386800   REFURBISHED  $5,295


With a lower investment cost, higher production rate and simplicity of maintenance, Windsor's Chariot iScrub 20 power floor scrubber meets and exceeds all expectations with up to 58% operational savings versus competitively sized walk-behind commercial scrubbers.

Chariot iScrub 20 Stand-On Scrubber Features:


  • Designed with Windsor's Chariot Patented Stand-On Cleaning Technology* that significantly increases productivity and cleaning quality.

  • Swiveling no-adjustment squeegee, with Aqua-Mizer functionality that ensures 100% water pick up for dry, safe floors

  • Design and size that provides remarkable maneuverability, and best-in-industry 360º visibility that allows the operator to see more of the cleaning area

  • Intuitive control panel with two transport speeds and two operating speeds, and an easy-to-clean, fully accessible hygienic recovery tank

  • Quiet operation for daytime cleaning

  • External fill port for quick access to fill solution tank

  • On-board charger on AGM models that can be used with any standard wall outlet

  • Tie-down bar for­­ easier transportation

  • Now available with chemical metering to ensure optimal chemical usage.

  • Our popular Orb Technology is now offered on our proven iScrub 20 Deluxe model. The orbital mechanics of our system provides true orbital motion which vibrates and rotates at the same time. This unique system requires less time, water, chemical and heat to clean.