Minuteman Max Ride 28 Orbital Scrubber                                                               $8,500

The MAX Ride 28 is the first compact micro rider scrubber engineered with large rider durability in mind. Built on an extremely durable e-coated steel frame with a large integrated solution and recovery tank capacities, the MAX Ride maximizes productivity at an exceptional value.

This innovative micro rider with its unique squeegee assembly to brush proximity offers best-in-class water pick up.

  • Auto Load and Unload of brush or pad driver

  • On-board Charger

  • Capable of turning 360 degrees on its own axis providing exceptional maneuverability

  • 18-gallon solution and recovery tanks

  • Squeegee is contained under the unit and follows the brush/pad driver for complete water pickup

Minuteman SCV 28/32 Cylindrical Scrubber                                                                   $8,000

The Minuteman SCV 28C Floor Scrubber offers a cylindrical head measuring 28". This scrubber is compact and is an agile powerhouse. Features a single front wheel drive that provides optimum traction and allows it to turn 360 degrees on its own axis for on-the-spot maneuverability. The durable construction offers 1/8" x 2" x 4" rectangular structural steel tubing.

The Cylindrical Brush System runs off two 1 HP motors and the two brushes rotate at 900 RPM. Cleaning solution is dispersed into the brushes from five quick disconnect spray jets. The cylindrical brush also has a wet sweeping debris tray.

The Disc Brush System utilizes one 1.5 HP motor. The brushes counter-rotate at 300 RPM and the cleaning solution is center-fed to the disc brushes.

Power Boss Scrub Master B120R SM3532 35" Disc Rider      NEW                                      $16940

Increased area performance and superior maneuverability. The Scrubmaster B120 R has been designed to meet the highest demands when it comes to cleaning shopping centers, production facilities and highly-frequented buildings such as train stations and airports. The BR120 R combined features and four deck configurations provide maximum value in large to medium size facilities. Moreover, its compact dimensions and a 90-degree steering angle make the Scrubmaster highly maneuverable and flexible in use. The machine can be equipped with either disc or cylindrical brushes, which allows adapting the configuration to meet the individual cleaning requirements. The Scrubmaster B120 R provides a perfect workplace for the operator: ergonomically designed and equipped with sophisticated technical details that ensure efficient working. PowerBoss has innovative ideas that pay off in the daily work routine.

Windsor Chariot 3 iScrub 26 SP  Stand On Auto Scrubber                                                     $6400

Get the job done the first time with the impressive scrubbing productivity of the Chariot 3 iScrub 26. When compared to a walk-behind-scrubber this machine is twice as productive. What is even better—the Chariot will not cost you a penny more than the traditional scrubber you are using now. This is the next-generation of stand-on cleaning equipment developed from our years of expertise as the innovators of the stand-on cleaning segment. This Windsor auto scrubber features a 26-inch wide scrub path for making quick work of your scrubbing needs.

  • Patented Aqua-Mizer system increases productivity while it reduces water and chemical consumption

  • EcoMode and EcoPlus mode (great for grouted areas) increase productive cleaning time by offering a quieter, less intrusive “day cleaning” mode

  • Highly productive at 27,639 sq. ft/hr

  • Quiet 66 dBA in EcoMode allows for daytime cleaning

  • Clear, simple control panel significantly reduces training time and produces more consistent results

  • Available with productive battery pack exchange system

  • Maintenance-friendly scrub deck

  • EcoMode optimizes productivity by lengthening run times between recharging

  • On-board charger available with AGM or wet-cell batteries

  • Automatic adjustment squeegee

Advance CS700 Sweeper/Scrubber Rider Hybrid (Propane/Electric)                    $29,995

  • Financing Available

  • Comes With One Year Parts Warranty 

  • 48 inch pivoting scrub deck with 4 inch retractable offset enhances edge scrubbing and resists damage from accidental impact.

  • Breakaway squeegee won't damage if hooked by obstacles; raises and lowers easily for double scrubbing if desired.

  • Ergonomic operator compartment with tilt steering wheel and fully adjustable seat.

  • High-capacity 75 gallon tanks for water and recovery improve productivity by reducing refilling and dumping frequency.

  • Rear wheel steer delivers greater maneuverability and tighter aisle turning of just 104 inches.


Configuration Independent front dry sweeping w/ dust control and rear scrubbing functions. Electronically controlled electric drives for all sweeping and scrubbing functions. Electrically driven hydraulic power unit for hopper raise/lower functions.

Sweeping Path w/ Dual Side Brooms61 in (154 cm) Squeegee path width is fully swept

Main Broom 36 in (90 cm) x 12.2 in (31 cm)

Sweeping Coverage Rate Per Hour 146,400 ft² (13,600 m²)

Dust Control System 115 ft² (10.7 m²)

Hopper Dump Height (Max.) 60 in ( 152 cm)

Hopper Capacity 7 ft² (198 L) 300 lb (136 kg)

Dust Guard Tank Capacity 29 gal (110 L)

Scrubbing Path and Brushes 48 in (122 cm) - 3 x 17 in (43 cm) disc

Scrubbing Coverage Rate Per Hour 118,600 ft² (11,000 m²)

Scrub Pressure Three scrub pressure settings up to 400 lb (182 kg) of down force at maximum setting

Recovery/Solution Tank Capacity 75 gal (285 L) each

Recovery Vacuum Dual vac fan motors capable of 48 in (122 cm) waterlift

Power System Kubota WG 972: 3 cyl., 0.96 L30 hp (22.0 kw)

Propulsion System Variable speed brushless A/C drive

Propel Speed (Variable) Transport Sweeping/Scrubbing 5.5 mph (8.9 km/h)
3.5 mph (5.6 kh/h) w/ override capability

Operational Run time Sweeping/Scrubbing² 5.5 hrs. w/ 32 lb (14.5 kg) tank

Gradeability Transport Gross Weight Scrubbing/Sweeping 27% (16 deg.)
17% (9.6 deg.)

Length 103 in (262 cm)

Width 48 in (122 cm)

Height 59 in (150 cm)
82 in (208 cm) std. overhead guard
79 in (201 cm) low clearance overhead guard

Minimum Aisle Turn 104 in (264 cm)

Weight: GVW
Empty 4,676 lb (2,121 kg)
3,636 lb (1,649 kg)

Sound Level 82 dBA

Water Ingression All electric drive motors and actuators rated IP55 for water washdown