Perfect Air Mover                                                                          NEW                                    $239             (2 in stock)

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Perfect air mover with 3/4 HP motor, 3 speeds and 4 positions. This unit can be stacked up to 3 units high. This air mover is very versatile in drying and moving air for floor and carpet drying, inflatables, water restoration and janitorial needs. 45 db whisper quiet, 25' 16/3 yellow cord, 2500 RPM, durable poly-molded housing, lightweight and compact

Proteam Pro Blitz 3 Speed Fan                                                      NEW                                                   $295

  • Maximum airflow and low amp draw combine to make the ProBlitz AirMover the first choice for carpet cleaners and restoration contractors alike. With 3 fan speeds and 3 operating positions, the ProBlitz AirMover tackles every air circulation requirement with ease. The ProBlitz AirMover boasts these essential features you expect from a ProTeam air mover.

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Minuteman Air Mover A3S                                                                                                        $299

  • Affordable

  • Stackable

  • Low amperage

  • Protected controls

  • Sealed motor

  • Daisy chain

  • 2 Available

Minuteman Mini Air Mover                                                                                                         $180

Great for small spaces. 2 outlets. Lightweight. Affordable.

HP: 1/5; Speeds: 3; Amps: 1.9; VAC: 110

Hz: 60; CFM: 800

Cord: 10'

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