Castex Magnum 1400 D.V.                                                                                       $500

138" Lift

94 CFM

200 PSI

25' Cord

Advance Selectric 20 E                                                                                               $1,100


This machine extracts a 20" path and has a productivity of 4000 square feet/hour. The large solution and recovery tanks paired with an extended safety power cord makes cleaning large carpeted area fast without the hassle of having to change your dirty water out as often as with another extractor. Also, because it does not have the added weight of batteries, it is portable- easy to load and unload from a van or truck! The floating cylindrical broom will even clean uneven surfaces.

Advance Aquaclean 16ST                                                                                 $1200

The NILFISK AQUACLEAN 16ST is an electric extractor. This unit extends dump and refill intervals while allowing foot traffic to return sooner as the carpet dries more quickly. The unit has a fully variable brush height adjustment control. Simple, intuitive controls reduce training time and facilitate easy operation. The NILFISK AQUACLEAN 16ST aggressive brush provides deeper cleaning and propels the machine with just two fingers.

Cleaning path: 16 inch (40.6 cm)
Vacuum motor: 3 stage, 1.5 HP
Solution tank: 8 gal (30.3 L)
Recovery tank 6 gal (22.7 L)
Product weight: 94 lb (42.64 kg)

Advance AquaMax Carpet Extractor                                                                                       $3600

  • The NILFISK AQUAMAX is a battery powered walk behind carpet extractor. The NILFISK AQUAMAX has a dual-purpose cleaning capability: interim and deep cleaning. This unit also has a slide out brush deck that cleans edges creating an optimal cleaning experience for less cleaning time.

Nobles Speed EX15                                                                   NEW             $2,950

The Speed EX™ Compact Carpet Extractor features a noncorrosive aluminum scrub head and rotomolded tanks for durability. Its handle is adjustable for ease of use and folds down for storage.

For easy cleaning and filling, the Compact Carpet Extractor operates with a lift-off solution and recovery tanks.

Mytee SOS Stainout Tool                                                   NEW                                     $295


The SOS PRO is the professional’s tool of choice for water damage, flood restoration, and odor control. Use the SOS PRO to perform sub surface extraction and remove excess water from carpet and padding without having to remove it. Or, use the SOS PRO to evacuate black water floods and more easily remove and carry out carpet and padding. The SOS PRO is ideal for carpet cleaning jobs such as removing pet urine and odor, feces, vomit, and any other carpet cleaning job which requires that an area be saturated before extraction. The SOS PRO works with carpet extractors and truckmounts for powerful suction. From its sleek design to its durable components, every- thing on this tool has been thought out and built with quality in mind.

  • 9.5″ x 16.5″ full extraction range

  • Clear top to view extraction process with adjustable-height handle that detaches for easy storage

  • Stainless steel vacuum flange works with 1.5” and 2” hose cuffs

  • Lightweight and durable build, vacuum release for truckmount use

  • Textured, non-slip foot rest, Includes water-resistant carrying pack

Mytee Flexstar Cleaning Head                                     NEW                                            $595


The Flexstar™ cleaning head offers smooth operation on commercial glue-down and low profile carpets to cut back on chattering.

  • Smooth operation on commercial glue-down carpets

  • Maximum vacuum recovery

  • 6 vacuum heads remaining in contact with the carpet

  • Reduced chattering on low-profile carpets

  • Increased versatility when it conforms to irregular surfaces

50' Vacuum Hose and Solution Hose Combo                                   NEW               $365

50′ x 2″ vacuum hose

50′ x 1/4″ solution hose

Mytee T-Rex Extraction Head w/Brushes                                 NEW                                   $600

A102 Cleaning head, assembly, T-REX


Includes carpet cleaning brushes installed.

Mosquito Heated Spotter   55psi                                        NEW                                   $845

Innovative, powerful, clever. It's what we hear about our new 3-gallon spotter. Designed with simplicity and durability in mind and performance only found on large extraction equipment.  Mosquito's use of premium components includes sealed marine grade bearings, epoxy coated vacuum fans, pumps with chemically resistant Viton seals, and stainless steel latches. Now add the industry's first -Noise Diffusing Exhaust Manifold" and a new definition of clever is an understatement. Warranty: The list goes on and on. To put it simply, each component must excel in its function or we won't use it.  Mosquito is setting a new standard in design excellence and yes, Mosquito is American designed, manufactured and owned.

55 psi

112 CFM

108" Lift

Nobles Strive Compact                                                                                                 $1400

The Strive® Compact Clean small carpeted areas in a snap! Easily reach and clean tight areas with forward and reverse cleaning action, low-profile body, and Insta-Adjust™ handle.


Rugged construction you can count on Your machine will be up and running for years to come with corrosion-resistant cast aluminum frame and durable polyethylene rotomold tanks.



Fill and empty — almost anywhere! Lift-off solution and recovery tanks can be filled under most faucets and emptied into most drains and sinks

Tennant EX-SC 1020 Carpet Extractor                                                                       $1125

Tennant EX-SC-1020 Self-Contained Carpet Extractor. Sleek design, reliable performance in a self contained carpet extractor. This carpet extractor allows for the exact amount of agitation to remove tough soil without causing damage. The ergonomic handle grip and fingertip solution controls minimize hand movement during operation and allow for hours of comfortable operation. The brush meter allows the operator to adjust for optimal brush height.

  • Brush scrub deck with large motor and stiff brush coupled with dual spray nozzles provide outstanding cleaning performance

  • Ergonomic handle with trigger solution control allows for comfortable operation

  • This unit moves easily with its lightweight yet durable construction and low center-of-gravity bladder system

Tennant 1240                                                                                                                  $895

Productively cleans large, carpeted areas

  • The Tennant 1240 and 1260 maximize soil removal from carpets with the ideal combination of solution flow, delivery pressure and brush agitation.

  • Extremely durable body construction delivers years of cleaning performance.

  • This self contained carpet extractor moves easily with their lightweight construction and low-center-of-gravity bladder system.

Key reliability and performance features of the Tennant 1240 Self Contained Carpet Extractor

  • Patented, expandable solution-tank with capacity of 10 gal / 38 L.

  • Brush head delivers the right amount of agitation to remove tough soil without damaging carpet for better overall extraction.

  • Optimized scrub deck uniformly disperse cleaning solution.

EDIC in line Heater                                                          NEW                                    $595

  • Delivers 200 degree heat in about 90 seconds

  • Easy to mount on your Galaxy carpet extractor

  • 50' Detachable twist-lock cable included

  • Stainless steel tank and element resists corrosion

  • Rated at 1000 psi / amp draw- 14.2 amps peak

Bravo Heated Extractor Spotter                             NEW                                    $1100

EDIC Bravo 3 Gallon Carpet Spotter, 55 PSI Pump, 106" Water lift, Heat Ready - 300MH

Bravo upholstery cleaner and carpet spotter delivers great efficiency and power in a deceptively small 3-gallon package. No set up time—simply unload and begin cleaning immediately. Compact size and maneuverability make it ideal for spot cleaning and quick cleaning of small carpeted areas, upholstery and auto interiors.  Operators will appreciate the specially designed molded-in holders that carry spray bottles, leaving the hands free. The powerful 2-stage bypass vacuum motor delivers 106" of water lift. Large 6 inch wheels and transport handle plus the cord wrap assembly make it a snap to wheel about your facility. A large porthole on the recovery tank allows easy access for odor-free maintenance. The body quickly opens up for easy servicing and repair. 

Edic Galaxy 5 Heated Extractor                          NEW                                                 $2400

  • Single cord operation

  • Exclusive 1000 watt external heating system for on-demand heat up to 170 degrees

  • Stainless steel heating element

  • Stainless steel heating chamber with lifetime warranty

  • Opens quickly like a clamshell for easy servicing

  • “No drip” motor cavity guarantees water spilled on the outside of the machine stays outside and won’t accumulate in the motor compartment

  • Exclusive removable heater for quick service and no down time

  • Silencer system for quiet operation

  • Heating chamber tested to 2500 psi to insure quality

  • Handle folds down for easy transport and compact storage

  • External heater design removes heat from the motor compartment keeping the internal parts cool

Karcher Dominator Extractor Puzzi 50/14e                         NEW                                $3750

Karcher's Puzzi 50/14 E is a powerful and versatile 200 PSI box and wand portable carpet extractor. The Puzzi 50/14 E is equipped with an 1,850 W internal water heater for additional cleaning power. The adjustable 0-200 PSI spray pressures provides the versatility to clean delicate upholstery and the power to clean the dirtiest carpet. The large 12" wheels and compact size make it easy to move around your facility or transport between job sites. The easy fill, no-spill 13-gallon solution tank and 11-gallon recovery tank provide enough volume for large areas. Top mounted 3" casters simplify the loading and unloading process. Onboard bucket and solution storage keeps everything conveniently within reach and allows the operator to work efficiently.

Tennant R14 Ready Space Ride On Carpet Cleaner                                                    $7800

  • Get the convenience of an interim ride-on extractor and the effectiveness of a deep cleaning rider extractor in one machine. Innovative Tennant ReadySpace® technology lets you clean frequently with rapid drying. Deep extraction technology provides an exceptional deep cleaning and extends carpet life and fresh appearance.

  • Clean carpet as often as needed with ReadySpace Rapid-Drying Carpet Cleaning Technology that cleans and dries in minutes.

  • Rely on powerful deep extraction technology that keeps carpets looking newer longer.

  • Easily transition between two cleaning technologies with no tools required.

  • Use up to 80 percent less water to clean and get up to 90 percent water recovery across entire cleaning path with ReadySpace technology and Tennant's patented vacuum shoe design.

  • Create a safer environment with features that reduce risk of mold and odors.

  • Heated: No

  • Cleaning Path: 28 in / 700 mm

  • Machine Width: 31.5 in / 800 mm

  • Power Source: Battery

  • Solution Tank Capacity: 32 gal / 121 L

  • Sound Level: As low as 73 dBA

  • Cleaning Type: Deep Clean, ReadySpace

  • Machine Length: 61.5 in / 1560 mm

  • Machine Height: 52 in / 1325 mm

  • Machine Type: Ride-On

  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 28 gal / 106 L

  • PSI: 250 psi

  • Service Plans: Gold, Silver, Pay as You Go, Block of Time

  • Weight: 1225 lbs / 560 kg

EDIC Supernova 1200 12 Gallon Carpet Extractor                                                             $1850

This 2-Way self-contained carpet extractor is part of EDIC's Supernova series and can clean your carpeted floor in both forward and reverse! The 1200PSN is much like it's 800PSN sibling, but offers a larger 12 gallon solution tank to allow you to continue cleaning uninterrupted in longer stretches. This machine can clean 6,000 square feet per hour thanks to the patented two-way system that provides unparalleled productivity in any setting. The Supernova can be operated going forward in long stretches like hallways and other open areas, but can be reversed in tight areas and corners with a simple pull of a lever, dramatic reducing labor costs during cleaning. During reverse operation, the recovery shoes switches, and the brushes spin in the opposite direction for ease of use and for consistent cleaning.

  • Two-way system for forward and reverse operation.

  • Patented lift-off recovery buckets - no drain hose.

  • Exclusive "clamshell" body provides fast and easy internal access for quick servicing.

  • Patented self-adjusting, self-leveling brush and vacuum shoes for easy cleaning of all carpet lengths and longer brush life.

  • Patented 4-wheel design gives extraordinary balance and reduces turning radius for easy maneuverability in tight areas.

  • Side extension for cleaning right up next to baseboards and furniture.

  • Dual spray jets on both sides of the brush suspend the soil for increased pick up and faster drying.

Brand  EDIC

Manufacturer Sku  1200PSN

Solution Capacity  12 gallons

Airflow (CFM)  200

Vacuum Motor  Dual 2-stage motors

Brush Motor   1/6 HP

Electrical Draw  15 Amps

Brush/Pad Speed  2100 RPM

Brush Details  Brush Motor: 4200 RPM, 1/6 HP
Brush Style:   Chevron design
Brush Bearings: Sealed, stainless steel ball bearings

Power Cord  50′ detachable

Wheels  8″ non-marking

Operating Weight  123 lbs.

Packaged Weight (lbs)  146

Construction  Polyethylene

Dimensions  38″H x 39″L x 19.25″W

Cleaning Width  19"

Windsor Clipper Extractor                                                                                                     $1450

Clipper 12 Mid-sized Carpet Extractor

It’s easy to see why the Windsor Clipper 12 is the industry’s most productive mid-sized carpet extractor. The ergonomic design and intuitive control panel make this a very user-friendly model. This extractor carpet cleaning machine is equipped with a powerful vac motor and floating vac shoe ensure that your floors are restored to like-new condition.

Technical Specifications

Model Number.:



Injection molded chassis with rotationally molded polyethylene tanks

Vacuum Motor:

Three stage, bypass, 1.5 hp (1,119 watts), 100 cfm (2.8 m3/min),120" (305 cm) waterlift

Solution Pump:

100 psi (7 bar)

Brush Motor:

1/3 hp (249 watts) AC with circuit breaker protection


18" (46 cm) wide, ABS core, 14-row nylon bristle spiral pattern

Solution Spray:

Two quick-disconnect jets

Solution Tank:

12 gal (45 ltr)

Recovery Tank:

12 gal (45 ltr)

Vacuum Shoe:

20" (51 cm) wide, cast aluminum


10" dia. (25.4 cm) non-marking rubber

Power Cable:

50' (15 m) detachable

Agency Approval:

UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian Safety Standards

Dimensions L x W x H:

43" x 22" x 32.5" 109 cm x 56 cm x 83 cm


114 lbs (52 kg)


LEED IEQ Credit 3.4

Minuteman XRide 28 Carpet Cleaning Rider                                                                        $9500

  • Cylindrical scrubbing action cleans both sides of the carpet fiber

  • 27 gallon solution tank and 24.5 gallon recovery tank

  • Two nozzle modes : Interim – 1/2 gallon per minute @ 50psi and Restorative – 1 gallon per minute @ 100psi

  • Convenient drain port for recovery tank clean-out

  • When the on-board charger is plugged in, the machine is not operable

  • Off-aisle recovery wand and 25 foot of hose mounted on-board

  • Includes AGM Maintenance Free Batteries