Advance Aquaclean 16ST                                                                $1250

The NILFISK AQUACLEAN 16ST is an electric extractor. This unit extends dump and refill intervals while allowing foot traffic to return sooner as the carpet dries more quickly. The unit has a fully variable brush height adjustment control. Simple, intuitive controls reduce training time and facilitate easy operation. The NILFISK AQUACLEAN 16ST aggressive brush provides deeper cleaning and propels the machine with just two fingers.

Cleaning path: 16 inch (40.6 cm)
Vacuum motor: 3 stage, 1.5 HP
Solution tank: 8 gal (30.3 L)
Recovery tank 6 gal (22.7 L)
Product weight: 94 lb (42.64 kg)

2 Available

50' Vacuum Hose and Solution Hose Combo                      NEW               $365

50′ x 2″ vacuum hose

50′ x 1/4″ solution hose

Karcher/Windsor iCapsol Mini Deluxe Carpet Cleaning Machine               $1895.00

Get cleaner carpet faster with the Karcher/Windsor iCapsol Mini Deluxe. This floor machine uses low moisture cleaning process to provide no-mess results. Grime is removed using specialized encapsulating technology — cleaning chemicals surround soil and quickly dries so dirt can be easily vacuumed up. This process offers a thorough, lasting freshness and prevents detergent build-up.

  • 120V / 60 Hz

  • 17" width

  • 2 gallon cleaning solution

  • 50 PSI

  • 0.1 water consumption (gal/min)

  • 67 dBA

  • 40' cord length

  • 16 x 18 x 45.5 dimensions (L x W x H) (in)

Mosquito 55psi Heated 3 Gallon Spotter                       NEW                        $970

  • 3-Gallon/55psi/Super Motor

  • Capacity / Recovery: 2.9 gal / 2.6 gal

  • Vacuum: Standard 82" lift / 97cfm / 8 amp

  • Pump: 55psi / 101amp FloJet UL Viton seals

  • Power cord: UL 20ft integrated strain relief

  • Hose: 1-1/4" x 7-8ft

  • Hand Tool: Acrylic clear view

  • 27 lbs

  • Warranty: Lifetime on body, 1-Year on motor and pump

  • Pictures are not always representative of what is being purchased

  • Heater Stainless Steel 201 Degrees

Minuteman Ambassador 20 Corded Carpet Extractor                           $2100

  • Self-propelled for effortless operation and userfriendly

  • Optional attachments are easy to use and require no tools

  • Convenient and user-friendly operator panel is at your fingertips

  • 75 foot, 14-3 power cord

  • Patented pivoting, spring loaded Vac Shoe disengages in reverse

Minuteman Rush 500psi Box Extractor w/2000W Heater        NEW/DEMO         $3650

  • 3 sides are totally free of fittings so it's easy to load without damage on either side, the front or on its wheels with the casters locked.

  • Twist lock cord allows you to drop the cord in place and wheel the machine to a drain or toilet to fill or empty.

  • Waist high handle, compact design and large rear wheels for easy transport.

  • Large opening for easy access on solution and recovery tanks.

  • Stainless steel locking casters for safety and storage.

  • Conveniently located controls for easy access.

  • Rear mounted connections for easy maneuverability and protection.

  • Dual filter system protects the pump from damage.

Tornado 13 Gallon 200psi Heated Carpet Extractor       NEW                    $3195

Whether you’re a certified carpet technician or a carpet cleaning specialist, you will appreciate the features of Tornado’s® complete line of professional grade portable carpet extractors designed for daily, interim or deep restoration cleaning. You can clean everything from heavily soiled carpets to drapes and upholstery.


  • Dual, 2-stage vacuum motors provide superior solution recovery for carpets that dry faster

  • Simple to fill port can be filled by bucket or hose

  • Compact size for simple transport and maneuverability

  • 20’ no-tangle, integrated hose that combines both the vacuum and solution lines into one

  • Large “stair climbing” wheels and front mounted carrying handle to maneuver up and down stairs

EDIC Heat N Run 2000w In Line Heater              NEW                        $650

The world's only 2000 watt Heat 'N' Run™ external heater system! For on-demand heat for carpet cleaning with portable carpet extractors, the Heat Ready system is easy to install with no tools necessary and outperforms all the competition. This is the world's only 2000 watt Heat 'N' Run™ external heater system! For on-demand heat for carpet cleaning with portable carpet extractors, the Heat Ready system is easy to install with no tools necessary and outperforms all the competition. It carries a 5 year warranty on parts and labor, lifetime on the housing. The Heat 'N' Run™ is the only detachable heater on the market for carpet cleaning that mounts on the outside, taking only seconds to attach or remove. Extend the life of your EDIC Galaxy™ extractor by mounting the heater on the outside of the machine, keeping the inside components cool. Greater longevity and ease of repair make the Heat 'N' Run™ system the ONLY way to add heat to your extractor. *Recommended only for use with "heat-ready" EDIC equipment like the Galaxy 2000, Galaxy Pro 2700 and select Galaxy 5 units. The stainless steel tank and heating element eliminate the possibility of corrosion and clogs in the solution flow that can obstruct heat transfer. This system really heats up fast, delivering 200 degrees of heat in about 90 seconds. If a repair is necessary, just lift the heater off the back of the machine. It's that simple!

Mosquito 120psi 3 Gallon Extractor/Spotter w/Heat             NEW        $1100

Innovative, powerful, clever. It's what we hear about our new 3-gallon spotter. Designed with simplicity and durability in mind and performance only found on large extraction equipment. Mosquito's use of premium components includes sealed marine grade bearings, epoxy coated vacuum fans, pumps with chemically resistant viton seals, and stainless steel latches. Now add the industry's first -Noise Diffusing Exhaust Manifold" and a new definition of clever is an understatement. Warranty: The list goes on and on. To put it simply, each component must excel in its function or we won't use it. Mosquito is setting a new standard in design excellence and yes, Mosquito is American designed,manufactured and owned.

NOTE: Currently using the stainless steel tool with clear view head

Mosquito 12 Gallon 220 PSI Heated Extractor       NEW             $2995

No extractor design has so many advanced features & innovations in a single design. 


  • Recovery tank full indicator light and automatic motor shut-off

  • Prime your pump with a simple turn of a valve

  • Complete control panel - All your controls in one location

  • Quick release cord wrap

  • Molded-in vacuum stand tubes, no maintenance

  • Noise Diffusing Exhaust Manifold

Minuteman Ambassador Jr Carpet Extractor                                    $1500

  • Constructed of non-corrosive polyethylene that won’t dent, corrode or rust

  • Three quick disconnect spray jets allow for simple maintenance

  • Automatic float shutoff prevents damage to the vacuum motor

  • Helical brush design provides constant floor contact for better cleaning

  • Stainless steel solution strainer filters out damaging particulates before they reach the pump

  • Heavy Duty VitonTM seals, impervious to “new” generation” chemicals

Brush type Cylindrical

Recovery capacity 6 gal

Solution capacity 6 gal

Vacuum power 1 hp - stage

Vacuum waterlift 85 in

Weight 75 lbs

Clarke Bext 300 HV Carpet Extraction Machine                                           $2995

Key Features

  • Inline heat exchanger

  • Instant heat 212 degree F at spray tip

  • Easy circuit locator

  • .8 gpm low moisture system

  • Product lifetime warranty (tanks, frame, and water heater)

What It Does Best

  • Cleans carpets faster

  • Creates 212 degrees F hot water

  • Maintains a high pressure cleaning spray for effective soil emulsification and extraction

Easy To Use

  • Easy circuit locator - no blown circuits

  • Low moisture - faster dry times and no overwetting

  • Compact and light weight - easily transported

  • Chemical tray - easy access to chemicals


  • Instant heat - 212 degree F at wand tip effectiveness

  • High pressure - penetrating injection agitation

  • In-line heat exchanger - heats water after pump


  • Rotationally molded tanks

  • Industrial 3-stage vacuum motor

  • 100 CFM cooling fan

  • Vertical mounted vacuum intake - no leaks

  • On-board heater in line after the pump

  • Sealed switches and switch plate


  • Reduced body strain and stress

  • Easy circuit locator - prevents overload

  • No open unsecured doors required

  • Hospital grade plugs

Clarke EXT 771 Carpet Extractor                                                              $1200

10" Cleaning Path

40' Cord

7 Gallon Solution tank

7 Gallon Recovery Tank

120 Volts

100 PSI


Nobles Falcon Ultra B Carpet Extractor                                                      $2450

  • Heated: No

  • Cleaning Path: 22 in / 560 mm

  • Machine Width: 30 in / 762 mm

  • Power Source: Battery

  • Solution Tank Capacity: 17 gal / 64 L

  • Sound Level: As low as 77 dBA

  • Cleaning Type: Deep Clean, Interim

  • Machine Length: 54 in / 1371.6 mm

  • Machine Height: 42 in / 1066 mm

  • Machine Type: Canister

  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 17 gal / 64 L

  • PSI: 100 psi

  • Service Plans: Pay as You Go, Block of Time

  • Weight: 375 lb / 170.1 kg

Cimex Cyclone CR48M Scrubber Polisher                     NEW                   $4195

Voltage AC / Frequency-230V / 50 Hz

Motor power-750 W

Solution tank capacity-6.6 gal

Working width-19 in

Pad/brush speed-400 rpm

Pad/brush pressure-78 lbs

Pad/brush diameter-7.8 in

Motor height - clearance-1.8 in

Productivity rate

Scrubbing-15,500 ft2/hr

Polishing-23,250 ft2/hr

Spray clean-11,625 ft2/hr

Shampooing-15,500 ft2/hr

Sound pressure level-60 dBA

Dimensions (LxWxH)-31 x 20 x 44 in

Weight-103 lbs

Cable length-50 ft

TMB TOR 43 DS Orbital Floor Machine                                                     $1100

Drive: Direct
Motor: 1400 Oscillations Per Minute
Tank Capacity (L): 15
Working Width (mm): 430
Machine weight (kg): 65
Brush pressure (kg): 50
Wheels (mm): 200
Sound level: 62dB(A)
Pad Size (inches): 17"

Certified Pile Brush Carpet Extractor Vacuum                                          $1495

The one essential tool for proper carpet care. The Model S Pile Brush removes the embedded dry particulate matter from carpet while grooming the nap. Eliminates traffic patterns and will prolong the life of your carpet or rugs, when used on a regular basis.  APPROVED BY THE CARPET & RUG INSTITUTE (CRI). 

NACECARE 9 GALLON CARPET EXTRACTOR, 10420800    DEMO UNIT              $2,500

  • With a sound level of only 60 Db(A) the AVB9X can be used in even the most sensitive areas.

  • Rugged two piece roto moulded polyethylene

  • Motor provides 135" waterlift and 95 CFM of airflow

  • Features a 130 PSI pump with quick release spray jets

  • The 16" brush provides excellent agitation on those tight areas needing a deeper clean

  • Lightweight and easy to transport with the upper and lower tanks detaching into two separate units

  • Fully adjustable water flow allowing for low moisture cleaning or full restoration cleaning.

  • Weight: 85 Pounds

Castex Extractor, 10142900   USED              $925

  • Length: 46.5 in

  • Width: 20 in

  • Height: 37 in

  • Weight: 120 lbs

  • Cleaning path Width: 20 in

  • Solution Tank Capacity: 10 gal

  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 14.5 gal

  • Solution Pump: 120 volt, 100 psi/6.9 bar, 1 amp

  • Spray nozzles: 5-80015 Quickjet

  • Vacuum Motor: 120 volt, 3-stage, 1.8 hp, 3 amp, 1560 watts

  • Sealed Water Lift: 137 in

  • Brush Motor: 120V, .1 hp, 1800 rpm, .75 A, 1710 W

  • Decibel Rating at Operators Ear (Indoors on Carpet): 80Db(A)