National Equipment 3395 8" 1.5HP 11V ShotBlast with Vac, 10406100              $4995 


This shot blast machine strips, cleans and profiles in a single time-saving step. Compact and affordable, it offers mobility and versatility for small to mid-size applications or the perfect companion when used in conjunction with larger units. 


  • This shot blaster has a production capacity of up to 400 square feet per hour.

  • Engineered with an in-line separation system, this 110 volt shot blaster maximizes separation of abrasives (steel shot) and dust. The production ability of this machine sets a new industry standard in 8 inch shot blasters. 

  • The compact design offers ideal mobility and versatility for small to midsize applications and makes this the perfect companion when used in conjunction with larger units.

  • The front swivel casters increase maneuverability and control for a more uniform and consistent profile.

  • The height adjustable handle, ergonomic placement of the blast wheel and shot blast controls greatly reduce operator fatigue.

  • As an option, the 3395 has alternative liners that reduce the blast pattern width from 8 inches to 6, 4 or 2 inches; for line stripe preparation and removal.

  • When engaged the shot valve operator handle opens the magnetic valve allowing the abrasive media to simultaneously feed and start the blast wheel. This unique feature closes the shot valve and ceases the blast wheel when the operator is not present.

  • The closed faced blast wheel design directs the maximum amount of steel abrasive to the surface being cleaned and profiled, this results in less per square foot maintenance costs.